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 Magical storm in the Ancient Battlefields!26.02.2021 16:00

Warriors! Arbiters of Fate told about the Magical storm, started in "Battle in Caves, year 386" and "Clash in the Temple, year 283battlegrounds!
Now when you enter the battlefield, you can find four standard sets of equipment in your backpack, rather than the standard three! The new Archer’s Set will help you shower your enemies with arrows! But that's not all. Each armour style (heavyweight, dodger and bonecrusher) will have a new unique super-blow to complement their unique combat style.
You will also have no-break during the event!

 You can also try your skills at the «Siege of O'Delvays battlefield» as one of the younger sorcerers of the ancient era. To add available spells, go to the Combat skills» section. The reward for completing the «Siege of O'Delvays» instance will be similar to the «Clash in the Temple, year 283».
In attition, merchants from the Premium Shop can't miss this opportunity: since 16:00 26.02 till 10:00 1.03 there is a sale on Marks of the Arbiters of Fate in the Premium Shop!

Good luck, warriors! May the Arbiters of Fate bless you!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

1. EXCIMER 26.02.2021 21:08
No storm in ancient battlefields as 20.00 26.02
2. lcn 26.02.2021 22:05
archer set bugged helloooo
3. Ophiel 26.02.2021 22:59
there is no storm there
4. Ukoback 27.02.2021 00:08
I never see tons of lag like i feel there inside. IMPOSIBLE to fight. Each 2­ hits i could made, enemy turns me 5. Freeze freeze laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.­ It is truly maddening... As if the advantage they had with higher­ % of stuns and effective hits was not enough.

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