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 The Chimera goes on the warpath04.05.2021 13:01

The inventors finally completed the creation of their next masterpiece - the battle chimera. The creature, assembled from the body parts of various predators by Faeo, turned out to be an impressive fighter. Now she no longer gets tangled in her own tentacles and can fight alone. But what bad luck - the chimera lacks combat experience.

She is not yet very good at distinguishing between enemies and friends, she is afraid of loud noises and large crowds, and has not yet fully mastered handling her claws, fangs and tail, either. In other words, it's time to train them properly in a real combat situation! The inventor is certain that in combat, the chimera must be tempered like a Damascus blade in order to correct bad habits and perfect its fighting techniques. Then she really becomes the invincible crown of creation!

It is clear that this cannot be achieved in a couple of fights. Every day,  Globius and   Avelius will give warriors new tasks to train the chimera. The rewards for your help are the legendary badges Inventor's Coin.
The daily quest "The chimera sharpens its fangs" is available to warriors who have reached level 3 and completed the quest "Big Game Hunt". The quest can be obtained from  Globius in Pacifist Hills and  Avelius in Thorn Apple Brushwood.
It's time to put the battle chimera to the test in a real battle!
Let them try on a real enemy!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Acconitum

1. lol666 04.05.2021 15:14
wa....... a special event just become daily quest xD
2. -Alan4Fun- 04.05.2021 20:13
what is the quest Big Game Hunt as i cannot see it

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