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 MY.GAMES anniversary: Parade of Stars28.05.2021 11:00

The star parade has begun! Let the fun begin!

Valiant warriors! All of you probably know about the international platform MY.GAMES, designed for publishing and selling games. «Legend» also joined it at the time, getting new features: group chats, streaming, an expanded player profile and much more. So, the other day MY.GAMES turns exactly 2 years old! The anniversary will be celebrated everywhere, and Faeo is not the exclusion of it! It will cause the amazing and rare phenomemon in the world of Great Dragons - a Parade of Stars!

Events dedicated to this significant date will be held here from May 28th till May 31st. On these days the stars in the firmament of Faeo will line up in a row, like warriors in a parade formation.

Such a nature wonder, of course, cannot escape the attention of  Globius and  Avelius. Wise men have learned in advance from ancient books that the parade will briefly lift the veil that separates Faeo from other worlds. And so the researchers insist that all the inhabitants of Faeo leave their business and direct their eyes to other spaces full of amazing secrets!
Second MY.GAMES anniversary
You have to help scientists, passing the Parade of Stars quest and organizing a celebration. As a reward for this you will receive a valuable gift and an unique achievement.

In addition, a great holiday surprise awaits you - a free "Red" premium status! We give it to absolutely all players from May 28th 0:00 to June 1th 0:00! To activate the donated "Red" premium, you must log out of the game and log in again.

 Jesters have also prepared a creative drawing competition for you, which starts on May 29. The details of the competition can be found out later, the reward, as always, will be coins that the winners can spend in the Jesters treasury! In honor of the holiday, the prize pool will be increased!

Also, do not forget to look into our Facebook group, you will find a repost contest from our Heralds! The competition also starts on May 29th.
  • The quest Parade of Stars is available to players, who have reached level 3. You can get this task from Globius in the Hills of Peace or from  Avelius in the Thicket.

Let's celebrate the anniversary of MY.GAMES with dignity! Don't miss the Parade of Stars - this has never happened in Faeo before!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

21. szczypior_678 28.05.2021 19:06
aha 100lat łacza internetowego i wogule :P
22. noname42 29.05.2021 01:06
23. -Pearl- 30.05.2021 08:20
30th may and no quest from jester???
24. szczypior_678 30.05.2021 09:51
urodzinki fajne ale unas wpolsce jak ktos urodziny wyprawia to tydzien czasu­ trwaja XD
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