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 Bloody Skies08.06.2021 14:00

Thick clouds above the capital have suddenly became the color of blood and are casting heavy shadows onto the ground as if a giant bird has spread its wings in the darkened sky. The warlord is uneasy: the gloomy sky and those ominous clouds probably mean that some kind of disaster is about ot happen.


The same evil forces that were crawling out of the ground are now trying to overtake the skies of Faeo to sink the world into the overlasting darkness. Defenders of Faeo! A sinister force has broken into our world! The godforsaken chaos is trying to invade Faeo!


The warlord is asking every warrior to set aside their tasks and join the investigation. He is in an urgent need of every bit of information you can provide about the invasion of evil forces and their growing hold on our lands.

Warriors, take part in the fate of Faeo! This won't be an easy fight!
A new stage of the event awaits!

Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. Okresamu 08.06.2021 14:27
2. -DemonSlayer- 08.06.2021 16:52
3. kilzone 3 08.06.2021 19:53
4. -NESSIE-1968 08.06.2021 22:05
we need many certificates for the mount and climb the mount
5. noname42 09.06.2021 20:03
The arrival of Poseidopus A merciless army of Chaos challanges the defenders­ of both continents //// pls bring this at the weekend because i­ have not much time from monday- friday

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