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 Star Custodians13.09.2021 14:00

News update! Summon ritual scrolls are now available in Premium Shop!

The battles in Faeo happen not only on the land of continents soaked in  blood and  lava, but it also happens that they are transferred to a transcendental height! To where patrons of the twelve months of the year rule among the night stars that look like gems. Sometimes these formidable Constellations Keepers want to have fun, and then they go out into the arena to meet the heroes from other worlds in battles.

This arena, however, is also not simple, but Starry, so it's not easy to get to it... One can do it during the new «Star Custodians» event, when the cosmic wind capable of transferring the warriors to celestial spaces reaches Faeo. All those, who have at least one Custodians summon ritual scroll will be able to use the teleport. One can get such scrolls by hunting wild beasts, fighting on battlefields, participanting in different events and by gathering resources.

One will need to teleport to the Star Arena to be able to use the summon ritual. The teleport will be available in the event tab if you have at least one ritual scroll. And you better be fully prepared for a fierce fight, because should you lose, you will need a new scroll to get your revenge! You will receive an achievement and a memento for victory. And for every 3 defeated Custodians you will receive special rewards.
Amount of defeated custodians Reward
3 defeated custodians
6 defeated custodians
9 defeated custodians
12 defeated custodians
After defeating a custodian you will no longer be able to challenge them to battle, but will still receive their summon scrolls. Shadow, mount or wraiths can participate on your side in battle, but you will not be able to get help from other warriors.
Let the heavens tremble from your walk, and the constellations blink in fright!
Become a Star Arena star!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Clover-

1. orrin 24.08.2021 17:38
Unique style items set (This style items set will only be obtainable by­ participating in this event.) < --- how is it? lol
2. draki22 24.08.2021 19:02
3. Sone 27.08.2021 01:47
12 normal temples and no scroll. Is this bugged or is the drop rate just a bad­ joke??
4. Green_warrior 13.09.2021 15:21
Diamonds :ponder:
5. _Bitter _ Sweet_ 13.09.2021 17:50
any idea how long this sale will run ? I see no dates that this will end posted­ here , would be great to know this please anyone ?
6. T-DeAdLY-J 13.09.2021 21:00
Summoning rituals should be on sale until 5th October.
7. Usurper 13.09.2021 22:54
We still have exchange bug... how hard can it be lol
8. Blind Troll 14.09.2021 22:08
Unique style items set (This style items set will only be obtainable by­ participating in this event.) i made 12 rituals and instead style ­ items ive got anoither sparks. Wtf? 21:44 Zabijając wszystkich­ gwiezdnych strażników, otrzymujesz specjalną nagrodę: Amulet­ przywołania Argora-pojedynkowicza 3 szt, Eliksir Bojowego Mistrzostwa 2­ szt, Iskra Niebiańskiego Ognia 2 szt, Large Flaungard Chest 1­ szt. 21:44 Iskra Niebiańskiego Ognia 1 szt

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