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 Las WoDas - Double your reward!14.01.2022 18:00

‚ÄčBrave warriors, it’s time to put down your weapons and show your dedication towards your server to win additional rewards!

 Jesters recently launched their 4-Season-Slots-Machine and now you have the opportunity to win an additional multiplier for the rewards!


How to participate:
Head to Discord, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and like the corresponding posts. The likes across each social media will be tallied up and the server with the most likes in total will be declared the winner. The winning server will then receive double rewards!


Likes on the posts will only be counted until 15:00 (server time) on 18th January.


Social Medias



Our own discord server for the fans of warofdragons! Tired of fighting? Come chill with friends from both races and talk about anything you like, game or not!

Twitter - It is a mix of light hearted content as well as promotional material. Join us in the humor of day to day warofdragons life. We joke about latest events, news items and various other aspects.

Looking for some nice wallpapers? Or maybe want to see the first sketches of how the game was starting? If pictures and artworks are your thing make sure to follow our instagram account. Some codes may await you there!

Facebook - The only Official social media where all the important news are posted along with special events. Make sure to leave a like!




Show your love for the COM server and emerge victorious!!

Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

1. Hellblazer_442 14.01.2022 19:12
De Win :)
2. _Kenshiro_ 15.01.2022 12:18
there are still lags
3. Caesar1963 15.01.2022 13:40
4. Eudorus 15.01.2022 14:06
fix laag please
5. Wardaddy 15.01.2022 21:08
Lags WoDas - Double your reward! or maybe like this:D
6. orrin 16.01.2022 22:55
bad network access for all sm listed: Discord, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,­ none access without good proxy

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