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 May Mess04.05.2022 14:00

May time is beautiful like never before. Both animals and birds are enjoying warm rays of Mirrow, Humans and Magmars with pleasure turn their faces to the gentle spring breeze and recall their favourite places in the woods, so that with their friends to go out for a pleasant stroll. 


Lovers of fresh berries are cleaning their baskets from dust and webs, anticipating whole week of «berry hunt», for on the first days of May Oilberry will ripen. Only 7 days a year does the Oilberry grow so that's your chance to collect some!.



Rulers  Pireney and  Onufir  are opening their stockrooms and greet warriors, who have temporarily put aside their weapons, in order to chase Wild Corvus, thin out thick growth of bushes, and after – carefully collect big Oilberry to their baskets. Berries that warriors collect would suffice for the next year: out of Oilberry one can produce tasty jam and fruit drink.


Paws off the Oilberries! Bug in the backpack!


Do not throw away flowers you collect! Bouquet of Oilberry Flowers made out of Oilberry Flowers will cheer up herbologists, flower growers –  Leolina the Fairy and  Serafim the Gnome, and even –  Marietta and  Magdalen.



Wisemen are counting on your help: a blast of wind has opened doors of   Pandrik's and  Flavviy's in the middle of spring cleaning, and spread the pieces of Origami all over the world of Faeo. Help them collect Exquisite Origami, and receive great presents for your friends as a reward.

True masters will get a chance to learn how to make Fascinating Origami.
May - Make Origami
Tallaar Halls 1-5 Carved Flame Token
Caves, Caves of equals 10 Carved Flame Token
Temple, Temple of Equals 5 Carved Flame Token
Arena, Arena of Equals 3 Carved Flame Token
Meridian Vaults 3 Carved Flame Token
Chaotic battles 3 Carved Flame Token
- Read more about the event in game library.

As a reminder, the event has been simplified: Wild Corvus have been withdrawn from locations. To get additional event tokens, use the «Killing Monsters» quest, which can be obtained from the elders in the city squares.

Valuable rewards await those who will find time to help Faeo inhabitants.
Author: Apollinariya, editor note: Apollinariya

1. Yippeekiay 04.05.2022 15:04
Where are the corvus?. I went to Berona but none in hunt screen even though it­ says they can be killed with location event notification.
2. Positron 04.05.2022 21:59
@Yippeekiay Wild Corvus have been withdrawn from locations. To get­ additional event tokens, use the «Killing Monsters» quest, which can be­ obtained from the elders in the city squares.
3. Yippeekiay 05.05.2022 02:18
Thx Positron, I missed that bit unless they added it since. Why can't they­ update the damn event properly then. Event says currently Corvus Invasion stage­ - s I'd wish they'd remove this section from the event instead of doing­ half a job all the time!!! Pleeeeeeease!!
4. Yippeekiay 05.05.2022 02:25
oh - and what about any achievents related to the corvus? Those broke/removed­ too. Not that I need them but unfair for those that do?
5. --SLY-- 05.05.2022 10:48
211, yes 211 Origami pieces before I got my FIRST Emerald piece to get the­ achievement I was after. The other 3 coloured pieces were relatively plentiful­ (12 total) but you made me work for that single piece you did. I just wanted to­ grab my breakfast!! lol ;p
6. ItloGy 05.05.2022 15:37
Same. No corvus in location
7. - Ragewolf - 06.05.2022 14:14
No Corvus in 2 days now
8. - Ragewolf - 07.05.2022 06:05
I am hunting 35/50 then suddenly I receive a message 1/50, whats going on?

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