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 Invisible, come out!20.09.2022 11:00

A valiant warrior is always happy to meet the enemy face to face . But what if the enemy is hiding in the shadows, invisible? Then he can plot, do evil, secretly putting on Christmas decorations, and stealing trophies from under your nose. Such treachery will make even the most cold-blooded hero nervous! Fortunately, now there is a solution! 

Our restless researchers Globius and Avelius tackled this burning problem and found, as always, an  ingenious solution! Invisible players can be brought to light with a special device. However, it still needs to be assembled, because so far it exists only in the inflamed imagination of the scientists. However, it will not be easy - you will need several unique items, including fifty Miscellaneous Details! So, you may just need the support of your fellow comrades!

However, the reward will be personal Visibility Device, capable of removing the veil of invisibility, which shrouds your opponent, provided that you know their name of course! And then no one will be able to hide from your gaze and just retribution!

The quest «Invisible one, out you come!» is available to warriors who have reached level 5 and have a reputation rating of 3000. The task can be obtained from Master Globius at  Pacifist Hills and the scientist Avelius at  Thorn Apple Brushwood.
With the help of science, every secret can be revelead, and even the invisible becomes visible! Embark on this task and help to assemble the Visibility Device!
Author: Apollinariya, editor note: Apollinariya

1. Homodej 20.09.2022 17:26
Yeah you want it :D If you dont know where put your diamonds :D
2. french sniper 21.09.2022 09:26
le saucisson pousse dans les arbres
3. mlodfr1 21.09.2022 16:48
lol si je sais qui m attaque ca sert rien votre truc bon jeu a tous

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