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 Jester Event - Sock-Gate!18.03.2023 18:00

That special Jester time has come again. April 1st was created just for the Jesters. So we put on our wild pom-pom hats and sat down to create an event just for you.



But then something really terrible happened. Our Head-Jester Liusaidh burst into our meeting, completely rattled and totally distraught.


She had lost her lucky Jester socks! This is an absolute disaster, she always wears them on April the 1st and without them, Liusaidh doesn't want to be funny anymore.


We can't let that happen! Dear warriors, help us by painting, crafting, kniting or pimping some socks for us!


We have to save our special holiday!



Are you up for the challenge?


Task and Schedule 


Your task:

Create one or two funny socks for Liusaidh. Whether you draw/paint something, knit something, or make something with purchased socks is up to you.



18/03/23 - 30/03/23 at 18:00

Publish your posts before 30/03/23 18:00 server time





  Rules and Regulations  



  • Additional/individual regulations to the event:
  • IMPORTANT! A piece of paper with your nickname must be visible on all photos taken!


You can find the general event rules here!

Please read the rules, with your participation you confirm that you have read and accepted them.








First place:


100 + 1



Second Place: 


75 + 1



Third Place:


50 + 1



All other participants with valid entries:



 10 up to 50






  Have fun designing your socks! 


Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

1. RbInoZer1 20.03.2023 10:26
Well someone's got a fetish

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