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 Server Merge coming soon!23.05.2023 16:30

Warriors of Faeo! We are glad to inform you that the merge of the COM and DE servers will begin soon - in July 2023!

The merge itself will take place July and in stages – players will not all move to COM at once, but rather in turns. The game will support both languages and we will also continue to support the German language in  the interface of the game as well as the news feed and the info portal.

Upon completion of the merge, you will be able to find many new friends among the players of the DE server, who will play War of Dragons with you! The exact date of the merge will be announced at a later date.

Note: After the merge all players will receive gifts. Players from DE will also receive gifts already before the merge.

Clan Transfer Certificate
For transfer from Magmars to Humans only: A document confirming your right to use the service to transfer your clan to another continent. Magmar players will receive a discount of 50% for race transfers when using the clan transfer service.

*Please note: this service is additional to race changes for clan leaders and cannot be performed separately.

To use this certificate, you need to contact the commercial sector.

Stay tuned for more information!

Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Spurmaple Spur

31. Mortimer Dave 25.05.2023 17:02
Said by Reginleif , is what I would think of. Correct! Indeed.
32. EchoHawk 26.05.2023 23:11
Clan Wars event will really be a stupid event if they continue to have it. LOL.
33. FORGIVE 28.05.2023 17:01
Good thing...
34. Mighty_Warlord 29.05.2023 05:02
More people to exe YAY ^_^
35. Athena_ 29.05.2023 17:00
Nice ^^
36. lol666 29.05.2023 23:01
im wondering how people with double account will behave xD good luck guards
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