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 War of Dragons goes social!14.08.2021 15:00

Facebook, twitter, instagram, discord - 4 of the most famous social media have been invaded by our new team - Socializers!

Given the task to expand the world of faeo Socializers immediately begun the works. Many of you might have already been using War of Dragons Facebook or Discord server, but it was just the beginning. Going with the flow new social media came to life for War of Dragons. New fun activities, competitions, quizzes, riddles and most importantly great rewards await you warriors!

Below you will find a full list of places to join with their descriptions. The sooner you join, the higher chances you have to win the prize.
Social Medias



Welcome to Legend: Legacy of the Dragons channel! Subscribe and get a promo code along with the latest information about the game!

Our own discord server for the fans of warofdragons! Tired of fighting? Come chill with friends from both races and talk about anything you like, game or not!

Twitter - It is a mix of light hearted content as well as promotional material. Join us in the humor of day to day warofdragons life. We joke about latest events, news items and various other aspects.

Looking for some nice wallpapers? Or maybe want to see the first sketches of how the game was starting? If pictures and artworks are your thing make sure to follow our instagram account. Some codes may await you there!

Facebook - The only Official social media where all the important news are posted along with special events. Make sure to leave a like!

*Press on the icon to open the social media!

If you would like to read about Heralds and all the new teams of the volunteers head over to the article in the library. Click Here!

Connect with your community, visit your favorite social media.
Join, subscribe, follow, comment and share.
Author: tceba, editor note: MisterFixxer

1. bla3de 14.08.2019 16:00
kanka ches event:d
2. Emeraldas 14.08.2019 16:27
and who doesn't fb twit etc etc etc?
3. The Great Khan 14.08.2019 20:28
Nice steps. It'd be great if they were taken like, idk, 5 years ago but­ it's better late than never. Time to start shizposting in reddit.
4. orrin 23.08.2019 09:20
pics not showing
5. orrin 16.04.2022 08:53
all platfroms blocked for me... wow... can you add Yandex?

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