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 Celebrate the Legendary Fifteenth Anniversary!21.10.2022 16:00

The legendary fifteenth birthday of “Legend: Legacy of the Dragons” has finally arrived! It is impossible to count the number of adventures, victories and new friends we have made over the years. It is a great age and a wonderful cause for a celebration, so join us over the next 14 days in Ogriy and Khair. As always, we have prepared something special for you!

To begin, visit the Master of Ceremonies. He will certainly bless those who help him with pleasant gifts. Among the special rewards you may find an unusual Map - it is definitely worth paying attention to. Rest assured, this is not just any old piece of parchment! It will lead you to an outcast valley that stretches over the heads of unsuspecting residents in Faeo. It is here that the wise dwarves found refuge. And, although they have lived long in solitude, the dwarves will not forget such momentous dates in the world of Great Dragons. The skies are already buzzing with their own holiday celebrations, which you can take part in too!

So, a lot of entertainment and surprises are waiting for you!  Complete holiday tasks to accumulate points and advance your progress bar. For reaching certain checkpoints, you will receive rewards, and in the end — a permanent avatar.

Along with the legendary achievement, you will receive Faeo's «Fifteenth Birthday Box», which will bestow several rewards upon you. If you wish to receive even more rewards, including unique style items, you can exchange it at the Jubilee Store for a Special Faeo's «Fifteenth Birthday Box».

The rewards include raffle tickets, incarnation potions, holiday bags, sparks of heavenly flame, and much more. In addition to the wonderful rewards, you will also receive birthday cake and tokens of the 15th anniversary, which can be spent in the Jubilee Shop at the City Fairgrounds

At the counter of this store you will find a lot of special products, including commemorative gifts, made especially for the current celebrations.   

And of course, the special merits of each warrior are sure to be celebrated with an achievement!
The Legendary Fifteenth AnniversaryBy balloon, to the heavensThe Cards are in PlaceThe Heavens are open to me!The Great Helper of the Gnomes
During the event, you can discover special cards by killing monsters and super-beings, participating in battlefields and by collecting resources:

After collecting 8 different cards, you can combine them into a special deck with the help of Miriam the fortune teller:

Please note: you can exchange cards with other players or place them on the аuction. In addition, puzzle lovers will also be overjoyed - you can try to complete all 8 achievements related to the effects of this deck:
The Sleepless Night of Pearls...You Can’t Avoid TenLove ProjectileA Joke up Somebody’s Alley
Peacekeeping ForcesA Little StarstruckDay of JudgmentThe Great Feast

After completing four and eight of the achievements in this series, you will receive valuable rewards:

Тhe first player on the server to complete all 8 achievements, will receive an additional unique achievement

The First Seer!
Attention! Please refrain from completing daily quests between 00:00 and 04:00 if you wish to receive achievements. 

The festive quest "Stairway to Heaven" is available to warriors who have reached level 3. Follow the request of the Master of Ceremonies to receive the task. 
Please note: The Jubilee store will close its doors at 23:59 on 13.11.
Happy holidays, warriors! Happy birthday Faeo! We wish you happiness, luck and prosperity in forthcoming achievements! We have a lot to remember and even more interesting things ahead of us!
Author: Apollinariya, editor note: Apollinariya

11. Eudorus 21.10.2022 20:05
fix laaag please please
12. gattomaone 21.10.2022 20:15
Buon compleanno feo e tantissimi auguri a tutti, per almeno altri 15 anni di­ vita felice. Happy birthday feo and best wishes to all, for at least another­ 15 years of happy life
13. Yippeekiay 21.10.2022 20:40
yes, please fix the lag. Game is nigh on unplayable on browser & still bad on­ client since LAST DECEMBER!!
14. --SLY-- 21.10.2022 21:48
5 Decayed Chests so far - have to walk all over to find next one but still not­ the one I need. Well done Admins, you just stopped me wanting to continue with­ the event. Saves time I guess doing more boring stuff.
15. marcyi 21.10.2022 21:53
Happy Anniversary.
16. - Luck- 27.10.2022 06:50
Happy birthday, unfortunately not all successes work, the cards are not given as­ successes and I made sure to do the quests after 4 am but I don't get the­ 5th success, is it my acc?
17. andariel13 31.10.2022 22:09
great event.... and the difference of coins of coins between magmars and­ humans.... i see 3 or 4 gold coins in the side magmar per hour.... and just one­ in the side human..... humans dont hunt i guess... but... nice event.... for­ magmars of course... we can see who win the coin...don't forget that and­ how many coins for race drop
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