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 Jester Event - The Witch's Cage06.10.2023 17:00

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. Summer is almost over, but you can still enjoy the occasional sunny day.



But tonight, something is different. You leave the tavern and make your way home. There were a lot of new faces there that evening. Many travelers and merchants are passing through the cities now and bringing with them some hair-raising stories.

That evening, a small group of merchants put a lot of effort into vividly telling the story of a beautiful witch. She would come at night, when you least expect it, and lure many warriors to certain death with wonderful things.

Absolute nonsense, you are convinced of it and walk through the mud. You've already taken the shortcut through the forest dozens of times, but because of the rain-softened ground you probably would have been faster on the normal route.

A faint light penetrates the deep black trees. Who else is out and about at this late hour? The light doesn't move. Unusual. But since you are curious and don't believe in scary stories, you follow the light. The path seems unnaturally long, and the beam of light doesn't seem to be getting any bigger. Before you know it, you're stuck deep in the forest, and it seems you're still no closer to the glow. Just when it starts to annoy you, the light finally moves - right towards you. It's quiet in the forest, too quiet, which is why you reach for your weapon. But you can't pull it off, the light literally hypnotizes you. A sweet voice comes from the darkness behind you, and you lose your senses...

When you come to, you are sitting in a small cage in a hut crammed with books, scrolls, and jars filled with all the colors. An old, crooked woman is putting thirteen candles around a huge cauldron that stands on a fireplace in the middle of the room. So much for the beautiful witch. She doesn't say a word to you and completely ignores you - no matter what you say, ask or shout in the room. Now she takes one candle after the other and scratches strange symbols into the wax. You look at the candle closest to you. 


Are you up for the challenge?


Task and Schedule 


Your Task(s):

Show us the witch candle by designing it. You can use symbols, and if you like, colours. There are no limits to your creativity. You can find an example image in the forum.

Points will be awarded based on the type of candle design:
- For hand-drawn art, you will receive between 5-15 points.
- For designing and decorating a real candle, you will receive between 20-50 points.

Please note: All entries must include a handwritten note displaying your in-game character name. You may not post on behalf of other players.

Attention: Entries must include the direct weblink to the image to be valid. For this stage of the event, digital designed images, or those without names, will be deemed invalid.

 Jesters also reserve the right to award well-crafted or designed entries with up to 50 extra Talent Coin



07.10.23 - 13.10.23 at 18:00

Publish your posts before 13.10.23 18:00 server time





  Rules and Conditions of Participation  



You can find the general event rules here!

Please Read the Rules! By participating, you confirm that you have read this and have accepted.

This event has 3 stages in total. There is a variety of opportunities where you can collect points. The player gathering the most points will win the event! To receive a reward for participation a minimum of 35 points will be required.








First Place:


200 + 1



Second Place: 


150 + 1


Third Place:


100 + 1


All other participants with at least 35 points:







 Will you make it through the nightmare?! 

Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

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