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 Jester Event - LasWoDas - Escape the cold!13.01.2024 18:00

It is always the same, at the end of the year we can't wait for the snow and then as soon as it arrives, we can't bear it! It's time to escape the cold weather! So dear warriors, pack your weapons and bathing suits, the  Jesters are taking you on vacation!



Of course, we need something to do on the first leg of our journey so that we don't get bored ahead. The best way to do this is always the well-known crossword puzzle!

Before we arrive at our destination, we will make a stopover. Since almost every warrior likes to spin one-armed bandits and squander all their hard-earned gold - we would like to invite you to Las Wodas and our FOUR-SEASON-SLOT-MACHINE!
Remember, on our special bandit, you can only win!

Then, finally, after a very long journey, we will arrive at our dream vacation destination. Much deserved peace, sunshine, warmth, beach and sea. Something for everyone! Of course, we hope that you will share your vacation photos with all of us.


Are you up for the challenge?


Task and Schedule 


Your Task(s):

1. Solve the crossword puzzle.
2. Welcome to Las Wodas - play the one-armed bandit!
3. Draw or paint us a vacation picture.


Please note: The picture for task 3 must include a handwritten note displaying your in-game character name. You may not post on behalf of other players.
You can find out the details of the tasks in the forum.

Attention: Entries must include the direct weblink to the image to be valid. For this stage of the event, digital designed images, or those without names, will be deemed invalid.



13.01.24 - 26.01.24 at 18:00

Publish/send your contributions before the next task starts. The tasks change at around 18:00 server time. You can see how long you have for a task in the forum.





  Rules and Conditions of Participation  



You can find the general event rules here!

Please Read the Rules! By participating, you confirm that you have read this and have accepted.

This event has 3 stages in total. There are a variety of ways to earn talent coins. The player who collects the most points in stages 1 and 2 wins the event! At least 20 points are required to receive a reward for participating. The reward for stage 2 is based on the event rules for the FOUR-SEASON-SLOT-MACHINE and will be rewarded separately!








First Place:


100 + 1



Second Place: 


75 + 1


Third Place:


50 + 1


All other participants with at least 20 points:







 We wish you good luck and a great vacation! 

Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

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