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 Jester Event - Carnival in Faeo09.03.2024 18:00

You don't know her, but you have seen her work without knowing that it was her. Secretive but world famous fashion and costume designer Kiki Flanell!



Of course now you're wondering: Who the hell is Kiki Flanell? That's exactly what we're asking ourselves too! No one has seen her yet, but her creations are famous in Faeo! For example, probably the most magical day in the lives of all warriors - no, we're not talking about winning wars, but about weddings! Kiki Flanell designed the stunning garments for those getting married. In addition, all of Faeo's structures' outfits come from her creative genius.

However, now is not the time to talk about clothes. The big costume parade in Faeo is just around the corner! Theoretically. The preparations were complete, but then a huge disaster struck! An army of chaos servants has raged on the festival grounds. Of course, the brave warriors of Faeo were able to repel the spawn of chaos, but unfortunately they have destroyed everything.

All the floats are nothing but kindling, the costumes for the pageant are dirty and torn... but the worst thing is, Kiki Flanell has disappeared from the face of the earth!

We urgently need to get everything back in order! Who better to save the day than our brave and cunning warriors?


Are you up for the challenge?


Task and Schedule 


Your Task(s):

1. The search for Kiki Flanell
2. Mask design
3. Repairing the carriages
4. The route of the parade


Please note: The picture for task 2 must include a handwritten note displaying your in-game character name. You may not post on behalf of other players.
You can find out the details of the tasks in the forum.

Attention: Entries must include the direct weblink to the image to be valid. In this event a digital image may be entered in the 4th stage.



09.03.24 - 22.03.24 at 18:00

Publish your contributions before the next task starts. The tasks change at around 18:00 server time. You can see how long you have for a task in the forum.





  Rules and Conditions of Participation  



You can find the general event rules here!

Please Read the Rules! By participating, you confirm that you have read this and have accepted.

This event has 4 stages in total. The first stage will be judged partly by the Jesters and partly by player voting on our official social media channels (Discord, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and X). The player who collects the most points wins the event! At least 20 points are required to receive a reward for participation.








First Place:


100 + 1



Second Place: 


75 + 1


Third Place:


50 + 1


All other participants with at least 20 points:







 Warriors - let's save Faeo's carnival parade! 

Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

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