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 Wheel of Fortune!20.09.2021 12:01

Wheel of Fortune promises wealth and fortune, but its behaviour is unpredictable! Are you ready to challenge the spirits of luck?

Each warrior who has reached 4th level and does not have debts and curses, will be able to spin the Wheel of Fortune when exchanging diamonds, and to receive a guaranteed prize after completing the game!
Rewards when ending game: Drop chance:
One of the following items:
Precious Forged Trunk x2
Precious Forged Trunk x4
Precious Forged Trunk x6
Precious Forged Trunk x10
 Standart reward
One of the following items:
Symbol of Heavenly Blessings x2
Dragon Gift Amulet x2
Battle Spirit Sphere x1
Battle Skill Elixir x1
Treasured Secrets of the Ocean Amulet x1
Unusual reward
One of the following items:
Reflection Gem x5
Battle Axes Symbol x5
Shoemaker Token x5
Joker Card x2
Bag with Archer token x5

Unusual reward
One of the following items:
Ten-Fold Precious Trunk x3
Ten-Fold Precious Trunk x4
Ten-Fold Precious Trunk x5
Ten-Fold Precious Trunk x6

Unusual reward
One of the following items:
Gilded Chest x1
Gilded Chest x2
Rare reward
One of the following items:
Rare Precious Box x1
Legendary reward
2 21200

Guaranteed reward for completing the first 5 games.
More information regaring how to play:
Play the «Wheel of Fortune» and win exchange bonus!
Start the game by exchanging at least 10, spin the wheel and get a random bonus in one of the cells. Every next wheel spin during the same game can increase your bonus.
The game ends when you get an empty cell. After that you will be able to use the bonus earned in the game by clicking the «Get bonus» button or you can try your luck again! You have the chance to play one free game once a day. Every next game will cost 5.

Attention! For one game you can win up to 10000.

If you exchange more than 100, then the bonus will only be applied to 100. Only characters whose level is higher than 4 and that don't have any curse or unpaid debts can participate in the game.
The promotion is limited. Additional gold will be given only to those players that got to use the «Get bonus» button before the Wheel of Fortune stopped working.

Wheel of Fortune Cells

Exchange Bonus All cells respawn All cells doubling
If you draw cell of this kind more than once, their values will be added - next to the wheel you'll be able to see your total bonus. Renews all empty cells - returns previously drawn cells. Doubles the values of all cells on the wheel as well as your current total bonus.
  • It's considered to be the end of the game when you hit an empty sector when spinning the Wheel of Fortune.
  • You can get the guaranteed rewards for ending the first 5 games only once during the offer (24.09 23:59)
  • Additional awards are issued from this moment and until the end of the offer

The Wheel of Fortune will be operating till 24.09 23:59

Turn the Wheel of Fortune, warriors! Receive bonuses to your diamonds exchange!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

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