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August 2022
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 New Magic Mirror Rewards06.08.2022 12:00

UPD: All restrictions have been reset!

UPD: All restrictions have been reset!
Path to the kingdom of doubles and reflections was reputed to be locked by the surface of mirrors. Yet now heavenly bodies are positioned in a special way, that the boundaries are no longer sealed!
This rare opportunity was instantly used by mirror-world spirits, who want to own all gold in the world. Don't be afraid of hostile invasion though, spirits will only offer warriors to play a game. When you pay  3, you'll be able to receive one of the many valuable items, from the mirror-world, or even amazing artefacts, that couldn't be obtained in any other way.
You can get unique rare prizes, as well as other topical awards for participating in the event. Pay attention to the fact that the new rewards were added to replace the precious chests, the probability of obtaining which from this moment on has been significantly reduced, while the possibility to open them during the event has been added.
Spirits will offer you scrolls that increase level of your profession mastery to maximum, and manuscripts, that will enable your Magic wand to work twice a day! 
Moreover you can receive: Enchanted Wooden Shield, that can be put on together with a gathering instrument, and increases your HP and chance of collecting a resource and discovering additional resource, Resource Gatherer GlovesSavage Power Folio and much more.
Mirror GiftReward after reward - the mirror likes me!Rich mirror mercyMirror fragment Do not be stingy with the stones, spirits!Mirror devastator
Your attempts will bring you not only profit but also respect! New achievements for received guaranteed prizes and reflection gems await you. Please note that reflection gems in guaranteed prizes won't be counted.
You can additionally get elements of unique collections, the Mirror Fragments and a Lucky Scorpolion Statuette. We draw your attention to the fact that these fragments are not a prize, but is issued in addition to the prizes with some probability. Having gathered one of the collections, you will be able to tame a true mount or get one of Faeo's rare artifacts.

Also, by participating in the event you can get the 4th fragment of the Gromdrag Amulet, as well as «Fortune Hunter» Deed points!

New garanteed rewards:
Now you may purchase the Reflection Chest in the Premium Shop! (in the Promotions tab). Keep in mind that opening this chest doesn't affect your progress in the Magic Mirror game. You can purchase a new chest for  gold, or for  diamonds.

You can purchase these chests from 4.08 12:00 until 07.08, 12:00.

When you buy Reflection Chest with  gold,  diamonds or Platinum Thaler you will also receive 3 Fish Bones Token!

- Read more about the event in Game Library
  In order to know how long the event will last go to «Events» «Current events» tab.
Please note: the cost of the game is now 3  gold coins, while the number of rewards received has also been increased. The rewards themselves have been updated: in particular, rare prizes have been added:

And many other awards!

Please note that the above changes have not affected Mirror Chests. Their content remains unchanged.
Hurry and test your luck warriors! Event «Mirror Magic» doesn't last forever!
Author: Apollinariya, editor note: Clover-

1. THE WITCHER 04.08.2022 16:24
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH ................... still 3g for each play and old­ rewards? really ? xD you should do 6x prizes like 50s*6=3g... or better do it 5­ diamonds noone play;)
2. hordog 05.08.2022 12:28
THE WITCHER, in my opinion, they made game cost 3g because it was too great­ chance to get 15 points with strategy of selecting the same mirrors every game.­ By using Reflection Chest you can still pay 50s for game, but then you cannot­ pick mirrors by yourself but they are randomly selected.
3. Nevur89 05.08.2022 14:13
Hordog , I cant see how playing allways the same spots had an increased chance­ of wining than picking randomly. Some slots had to have a better chance of being­ high value than others to be true of what you say.
4. Nevur89 05.08.2022 14:13
Hordog , I cant see how playing allways the same spots had an increased chance­ of wining than picking randomly. Some slots had to have a better chance of being­ high value than others to be true of what you say.
5. hordog 05.08.2022 17:28
Nevur89, its just a math, the more variables you have the less chance to get­ concrete combination. You have % of probability that you randomly selected­ mirror 4, and the 5-point mirror has some probability to be placed at 4. So the­ probability is condition A times condition B. If you always select mirror 4 it­ has 100% probability to be selected by you (condition A) times probability­ that its 5 points (condition B)
6. hordog 05.08.2022 17:40
If there are 15 mirrors and 3 of these are randomly 5 points, and you are to­ pick one, you have 1/15 chance to pick randomly concrete mirror and the mirror­ has 3/15 chance to be 5 points, so its 1/15 * 3/15 = 3/225 In second­ case, if you pick always the same one mirror it has 3/15 chance of being for 5­ points each game
7. Septera 06.08.2022 14:50
skrzynki mi się nie zrespiły

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