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 Bank is working again!04.04.2014 05:00

Warriors of Faeo! 

We have successfully updated the server earlier today and our bank is up and running once again!

We are really sorry for the inconveniences all this has caused you, but it was a necessary and inevitable process. As many of you already know, our game is now being operated by the B.V. Company and we're very excited about that partnership. It will help us bring you new updates, exciting events and continue to work on the Legend: Legacy of Dragons. And, of course, make sure you guys are having fun fighting monsters and each other.

After you log into the game, you will be prompted to website, where you will need to complete a very simple registration process. You'll need to do that only once and it will make easier your experience with payments and support in the future.

Thank you for your patience and participation in the world of Faeo! Have a nice day and good luck in your adventures!
Author: Threepwood  More (comments: 62)

Game server will be closed today for an emergency maintenance update for about 45 minutes from approximately 10AM to 10:45AM Faeo time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Author: Threepwood  More (comments: 0)

Dear friends, due to the technical reasons, in-game Bank will not be available for some time.
We are apologizing for the inconvenience.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 0)

 Transfer to a new server31.03.2014 09:38

Dear friends, as we announced earlier, soon the following servers:,, will be closed, and players will be moved to the server:

The following changes are due to take place:

• All warriors will be automatically moved to the new server. 
• Every warrior will have to re-confirm their approval of the User Agreement.
• If during the transfer it turns out that the name of a warrior has already been taken on the new server, it will automatically be changed, and the warrior will be given a Renaming Scroll (it will be in their backpack).
• If the name of a clan or alliance has already been taken on the new server, the abbreviation of the server from which the clan came will be added to the name.
• If a user email is already being used on the new server, the warrior will be asked to change address for the old (already existing on the server) character.
• Warriors registered via a social network can enter the game world using the relevant buttons. They will have to re-confirm their agreement to social network data processing.
• Warriors registered via the BigPoint system need to contact and obtain the necessary instructions to enter the game.
• All texts on the new server will be in English; player support will also be in English.

As you can see, dear heroes, the moving procedures are very simple and they will not lead to the loss of any important player data and they won't take much time.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 44)

 Sacred Tree in Danger27.03.2014 02:00

The Sacred Maurin Tree, whose mighty roots reach deep into the ground, and wide branches cast shadows to the ends of the Meridian Lands, has long protected the inhabitants of these lands from Chaos and other adversities.

But the curiosity and greed of outsiders has damaged Tailsime, weakening it and allowing the most terrible of creatures to wade inside it. Wicked monsters extract life force from the tree, drying it out day after day. In an attempt to save their magic tree, the pride leaders have decided to entrust the secret of Tailsime to foreign warriors. 
Valiant warriors that respond the the request of the Maurin race can expect a dangerous journey to the very roots of Tailsime to find the lair of the underground Harzul Worm and destroy it. Fierce monsters will guard the way and only a team of brave and strong warriors can reach their target and rescue the tree. 
Author: jugaleatorio  More (comments: 4)

 Message from Fay-Go25.03.2014 09:00

The antiquarian has acquired a truly amazing item – an ancient stone tablet that has come from the distant and dangerous Fay-Go. Wiping the dust from the artefact, the connoisseur of ancient treasures and relics began to look closely at the rune symbols on the tablet and discovered that some of them had faded due to time or unseen forces. This greatly disappointed the antiquarian, after all anyone could see that the tablet must have a message from the cursed island, but the disappearance of some of its symbols would make it more difficult to decipher the ancient text.

Author: jugaleatorio  More (comments: 13)

Warriors, it is about time to re-start the Happy Hours! This weekend you get the chance to proof your fighting skills and crush your enemies in the Crystalline Caves.


The gods of war are merciful and they  reward the winners and the defeated with double Valor in the Crystalline Caves. Warriors, you better do your best to please the gods and get your reward!

As usual you can buy the Anti-Ageing-Potion in the Battlefield. Just click on the box in the starting location and you will pay  1 and get the Anti-Ageing-Potion

The Happy Hours in the Crystalline Caves start Friday at 15:00 Faeo time and end on Sunday at 22:00 Faeo time.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 6)

A long time has passed since the way to the Meridian Lands was opened. The residents of   Rumengild and  Waltreia have grown accustomed to visits by outlanders, but are still wary of them. Some daredevils, who participated in constructing the magic portal have been able to win the favour of the mistrustful residents, but we should not stop there. If you make the effort and gain the total trust of the locals, you will always be a welcome guest.


Erding Bratwell


Brave warriors! If you want to secure the support of the residents of  Rumengild and  Waltreia and enjoy the benefits and advantages of a universal favourite, you should go and see   Bratwell the Brave and  Erding the Undaunted.

Author: _Sphinx_  More (comments: 1)

What the Serpagon has lost the warrior will find! Warriors who find a secret casket while hunting for the monsters of the Isles of Swirling Mist should pay special attention to their find.



Inside the strange casket, the lid and sides of which are covered in strange ancient symbols and numbers, there may be something valuable and useful. But a simple key will not open the casket - you will have to use your head.


Ancient Statue


Author: jugaleatorio  More (comments: 4)

Warriors, Sheara has decided that it is time for a new: Happy Hours in the Tallaar Halls! Come and fight and show your bravery!


Warriors from level 7, enter the Tallaar Halls on Friday, 14:00 Faeo time until Monday 09:00 Faeo time! Crossing the threshold you will be possessed with a thirst for destruction and go berserk, losing the ability to differentiate between your own and other species, and capable only of thinking how to spill the blood of others. If you enter the Tallaar Halls during this period of time you will receive bonus Valor for each fight.

Warriors of the levels 3-6 will receive double Valor for each finished Arena during this period of time.


In the Tallaar Halls you will receive double Valor for each victorious fight, in the Arena you will receive bonus Valor for finishing the instance.

Author: Levinger  More (comments: 7)

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