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 Precious Chests17.01.2014 08:27

The Precious Chest Shops at the city fairs will soon open their doors for a short time. You will be able buy the following chests there until Sunday 22:30 Faeo time:




These chests are filled with rare and valuable items. There are four different types of chests which vary in their design and price. If you decide to buy one of the more expensive chests you will have a higher chance of receiving a valuable item such as an Assassin's Battle Axe, a Cerrador Amulet, a Titan Belt and many other great things.


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 Return Game16.01.2014 12:43

Earlier, after accepting a challenge from the Bewitcher and winning a difficult round in an ancient tactical game of the Chosen, you once and for all earned his respect as an excellent strategist and talented player.



There are not that many worthy opponents who can ensure an interesting and exciting game, so Ulvarno has decided to invite you to play once more in order for him to get the chance to win. There are unique coins at stake, with which the winner can buy magic rings and amulets.





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Warrior, golden times have begun in the world of Faeo: The economy is flourishing and new opportunities are coming up. Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Galash the Merchant and Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Squire Voldemar will sail across the seas to trade local products for new and exciting goods from foreign lands.

Trading Journey in the browser MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Take your chance and be a part of these exciting deals. From Wednesday, January 15, 11:00 Faeo time until Friday, January 17, 21:00 Faeo time you can exchange goods and resources for IOUs at Galash the Merchant in Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg County Vurdaliya and Squire Voldemar in Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Paradise Corner. For these IOUs you can get exclusive foreign goods when the ships return.
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 One-Armed Bandit15.01.2014 06:40

Warriors, the One-Armed Bandit will be in operation again from Wednesday,January 15, 14:00 Faeo time for your amusement. It disgorges mounds of Gold coins right into the hands of the lucky winners. Winnings clink in players' pockets, and superstitious players hold firmly onto their lucky charms. It goes without saying that, although this game is risky, it is great fun – all the warriors have been caught up in the gambling fever. You can try to win the jackpot wherever you are, the one-armed bandit can be reached from every location!
But who knows when Lady Luck will smile on them? She is very capricious – sometimes she showers the fortunate with her gifts, while at other times she can take the last copper coin from a poor wretch. To protect you from large losses the  One-Armed Bandit has been configured to only accept large bets when you have sufficient money in your wallet to live well. In other words, the more  gold you have clinking in your pocket, the more money you can bet, so as to win big! But the opposite is also true: If a warrior's wallet has been empty for a long time, the machine will only allow him to place a small bet. This means that his loss will be smaller if he does not win.

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 The Generous Banker13.01.2014 10:31

Bankers are not usually regarded as very generous but Forint is clearly an exception! Enjoying the sunny weather he is an an excellent mood and so he gives a present to every warrior who obtains Diamonds - even if you get yourself as little as 9 Brilliant Diamonds.

Hurry and claim extra bonuses for your deposits!
And here you can find the great presents you will get when obtaining Diamonds:

Bonus Items


Payment of at least:


9 Brilliant
13 Brilliant
22 Brilliant
27 Brilliant
45 Brilliant
75 Brilliant 3x
90 Brilliant
150 Brilliant3x  
300 Brilliant5x  

You receive the listed items for each payment of at least the amount in the list from Monday, January 13, 12:00 Faeo time until Tuesday, January 14, 22:00 Faeo time.
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Warriors, Sheara has decided that it is time for a new: Happy Hours in the Tallaar Halls! Come and fight and show your bravery!


Warriors from level 7, enter the Tallaar Halls on Friday, 14:00 Faeo time until Monday 09:00 Faeo time! Crossing the threshold you will be possessed with a thirst for destruction and go berserk, losing the ability to differentiate between your own and other species, and capable only of thinking how to spill the blood of others. If you enter the Tallaar Halls during this period of time you will receive bonus Valor for each fight.

Warriors of the levels 3-6 will receive double Valor for each finished Arena during this period of time.


In the Tallaar Halls you will receive double Valor for each victorious fight, in the Arena you will receive bonus Valor for finishing the instance.

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 O-o-orfe! O-o-orfe! Dream Fish!09.01.2014 10:50

A good fisherman will keep striving! Yesterday, he was catching small trout from the local rivers, but today he has set his sights on the rarest of Faeo fish - the Golden Orfe! But it is not easy to catch such a fish: it is no wonder that even experienced fishermen just throw up their hands trying to outwit the nimble fish.




The Orfe  disappears into the depths as soon as a fishing line hits the water, or hides amid shoals of Habus - those tasty but rather simple-minded fishes... It is not often that local warriors get a chance to touch the golden scales of an Orfe and even rarer for them to be able to tell their friends about such an unprecedented catch!





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It is difficult to imagine something that could really upset the mild herbologist. However, the seeker of rare plants is very worked up over the demise of his family treasure, the Golden Clover. This rarest of flowers was found by his great grandfather and has since then been grown by the family and considered the greatest of treasures. But, alas, the herbologist was unable to look after his inheritance. He was responsible for the flower withering – and the herb gatherer is beside himself with grief!


Foglio the Herbologist Herbier the Herbologist


The herbologist needs to be cheered up, otherwise the inhabitants of Faeo will be left without herb collections, fresh bouquets and marvellous berries. If you have reached level 10, take on this challenge and try and find another sample of this wonderful flower. There are plenty of difficulties ahead: the Golden Clover is almost imperceptible to humans and magmars. But can anything really stand in the way of a real hero?





Author: Hermano  More (comments: 1)

 Cherished Gold Nugget07.01.2014 10:33

For a true geologist the value of the minerals they find are not in their cost but their uniqueness. The best geologists are renowned for their skill in finding the rarest minerals in all sorts of different places around the world, but no geologist can consider themselves a professional until they have discovered a real gold nugget. Only the most dedicated possess the knowledge and secrets that will help find the sparkling thread amid the darkness of mountain caves, leading to the cherished gold nugget. 

Tiyery the Geologist Gesteyn the Geologist
The time has come for warriors that possess the skills of a geologist to test those skills and confirm their natural talent for discovering minerals.
Author: Hermano  More (comments: 2)

 Mysterious Chests06.01.2014 08:59

Just recently, the Elders arranged for the sought-after, precious chests to be sold at the City Fair in order to ensure more security. But all these efforts seem to have been in vain, since once again a whole delivery of precious chests just disappeared without a trace. But wait a minute... did they really just disappear without a trace? Maybe one or other of the monsters pinched a few chests? You might be able to get a chest by defeating a monster of your own level! At least the Elders are satisfied that the mysterious chests are still locked, so nobody can get at the content. Unless someone finds out where the keys are


Who would not like to ride around on a Scorpolion or a Cerrador ? Who never dreams of finding a certificate, which can be easily exchanged for a purple tool or even a red weapon? Which rogue could help you find the keys?


Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 3)

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