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 20% Extra Diamonds!29.06.2016 12:00

Warriors! Bankers of English, German and Polish servers have decided to join their forces and offer you something very special for the last day of winter! For a limited time only purchase Brilliant Diamonds and get 20% extra of the amount you buy!

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 Hunter Sale28.06.2016 02:10

Warriors! Hunters of both continents of the World of Faeo decided to offer their goods for sale to their fellow citizens! Pay a visit to the Trade Fair of Wonders in order to purchase valuable and handy items that the hunters prepared for you!

There are lots of Elixirs and Fibulas on display that many of you will definitely like
Temporary Red Armor is also offered of the sale!
Card collectors should also pay a visit to the Premium shop where they will find Set of 60 Conlegret cards
Happy shopping, warriors!

Hunter Sale will last till July 1st, 11:00.
Set of 60 Conlegret cards will be available in the Premium shop till June 30th, 23:59:59
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Brave warriors of Faeo! June was very saturated with events and interesting tasks for you to complete. As usual, you did a great job. The event «June – fern flowering», has come to its end, now we invite you to visit a shop with event rewards at the City Fairs, which you will be able to purchase with Fern Leaf token.
If you don't have enough Fern Leaf token, visit shops at  Chigrik's and  Gloum's! These enterprising contrabandists have special June Bag, on the bottom of which you will find Fern Leaf token.
You can purchase these bags both for gold and for diamonds but you'll be able to buy them one time only for each currency.
Hurry to the event reward shop Warriors!
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 Rare Items for Special Price27.06.2016 11:30

Warriors of Faeo! City tradesmen announced the start of yet another sale in the Premium shop, you can purchase various goods for very special price!

Merchants are also selling exclusive professional tools!
Hurry sale will last till 23:59:59, June 30th!
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 A Marvel of Mechanics23.06.2016 16:00

Best mages of Faeo were puzzled by the very serious question: can one bring to life a machanical being? Are there spells or rituals that allow a mechanism to open its eyes? 


If there is such a spell will the animated creature have a mind or a soul? A new goal of the unresting zarlogs  Fiosso and  Ishshur – is to bring life to the mechanical dolls that they had created. But will they succeed in this complicated task? With your help – sure.

Quest «A Marvel of Mechanics» is available for warriors of level 16 and higher.
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 Mirror Magic22.06.2016 14:00

Path to the kingdom of doubles and reflections was reputed to be blocked by the surface of mirrors. Yet now heavenly bodies are positioned in a special way, that the boundaries are no longer sealed!
This rare opportunity was instantly used by mirror-world spirits, who want to own all gold in the world. Don't be afraid of hostile invasion though - spirits will only offer warriors to play a game. When you pay 75, you'll be able to receive one of the many valuable items, from the mirror-world, or even amazing artefact, that couldn't be obtained in any other way.
Hurry and test your luck warriors! Event «Mirror Magic» doesn't last forever!
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 Fern is Everywhere!20.06.2016 15:00

Ordinary fern by sight is surrounded by aura of mysteries... There are many legends about its enigmatic flowers, which appear during several days of June...
We invite you to go on search for this miraculous flower and receive not only a chest with lots of nice surprises from the Spirit of Avarice and Fern Leaf tokens, but also special seasonal achievements.

June - Here comes the summer!

You are about to act at Spirit of Avarice behest, who arrived to the World of Faeo temporarily, and travel quite a lot in search of misterious flowers of Fern. Be ready to ask Bludiara or  Maritsa the Witch for help.

Hurry to gather the magical bud!
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 Amulet of Discord16.06.2016 16:30

The stalker found a piece of some unknown artefact when he was hunting. Accidents don’t happen in Faeo, and its inhabitants have long since understood: a thing that seems to be ordinary at a first glance may conceal enormous power and be a bringer of evil. The stalker asks you to find out the origins of that shard and learn if it can threaten the Meridian Lands in any way. 
Quest is available for players from level 16.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 3)

Warriors! Evil forces of Chaos are planning their invasion into the beautiful world of Faeo again. Mistress of the Dragons Sheara is ready to deal with the invaders and will need help from both Magmars and Humans to save their wonderful homeland. To prevent the destruction and deaths of innocent she decided to attack first and commands you to collect the powerful Golden Scales to open the Portal into the Chaos World itself and carry out a poweful blow to cripple the UyarrMO leaders and their ugly Gungls.

The event will start on June 14th at 16:00 Faeo time. Every player who wants to help Sheara with preparations before the fight needs to see Striagorn at Hell's Pass and Erifarius at Foothills.

Good luck to you, warriors! And may the heads of UyarrMO generals roll in the name of Sheara!

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 15% Extra Diamonds!14.06.2016 14:00

Warriors! Bankers of English, German and Polish servers have decided to join their forces and offer you something special. For a limited time only purchase Brilliant Diamonds and get 15% extra of the amount you buy!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 5)

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