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 Snow Bazaar!30.12.2014 16:30

Warriors! It is time to do some shopping right before the New Year. Today a special Snow Bazaar opens its doors for you. Go exchange your snowflakes for the precious goods from all over Faeo
Медальон МедвежонкаКоробка с простыми эликсирами IКоробка с магическими эликсирами IIКоробка с эликсирами боевых магов IIIНовогодний мешокСнежный амулет Ледяного медведя-шатуна
Look around and enjoy the great assortment of the Snow Bazaar. You'll find mount amulets, weapons with new powers, various gifts, magical elixirs that will let you change the course of the fight.
Репликатор снежковНовогодняя птица-вестникСохраненный навык рыбакаСохраненный навык ювелираЗачарованный ледяной посохЗачарованная синяя новогодняя шапка
This is just a small part of what is waiting for you at the Bazaar, so go visit it, observe and buy what you like! Happy New Year! 
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Warriors! The second season of Clan Wars ended. We are ready to announce the results of the second season and give prizes to the winners!

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Warriors! Forint the Banker wishes you a Happy New Year and introduces special monthly bonuses for exchanging Diamonds to Gold!

From now on if you exchange:
  • 300 you’ll receive 39
  • 1500 you’ll receive 60
  • 3000 you’ll receive 90

All Diamonds that have been exchanged in December were taken into account and you can already withdraw your bonus if you go to Forint the Banker! Enjoy your holidays and may all your wishes for the New Year come true!
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 Merry Christmas!24.12.2014 17:10

Warriors! Christmas is almost there, it is time of sharing joy and happiness with your friends and relatives. "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" game administration would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!


For this celebration elders Baguron and Verkiry have special Christmas presents waiting for you at the City Squares.


Enjoy this cheerful holiday!
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 New Legendary Clan!23.12.2014 15:00

Warriors! Today Alpha Alpha became a new legendary clan in the World of Faeo! We would like to congratulate all of Alpha Alpha members with this outstanding event and wish them new achievements and successes in battles under the new Clan Crest!

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 Christmas Trade Fair22.12.2014 16:52

Warriors, Christmas is time of joy and time for gifts! It just so happens that Mysterious Gnomes are back and are opening a special Christmas Fair Trade at the city squares of  Dartrong and  O'Delvays. They have some special rare items to offer this Christmas for you!

  Winter Fair in the free RPG War of Dragons!  

For those of you who likes red armor Gnomes have something special. You won’t be disappointed. A special red armor charmed by gnomish sorcery. Armor of this type doesn’t break in battles! Gnomish charms do not last forever though and unbreakable armor will disappear from your backpack in 90 days.


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 Yeti Invasion20.12.2014 16:30

This year’s severe winter has come to the world of Faeo to stay. Some prefer to spend days like these near a warm fireplace, but weather like that cannot be more comfortable for Yetis! Perhaps this is why these horned wild beasts believe that the lands of both continents should belong to their tribe.
Legions of Yetis have left their icy homeland to all the corners of Orgiy and Khair in order to cast out their inhabitants. Things look bad, warriors - Christmas and New Year celebrations are in danger!
Raise your weapons, warriors! Stop the invasion of furious Yetis!
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 Game Update15.12.2014 14:00

Warriors! We are glad to announce that our servers will be closed tomorrow on December 18th at 9:00 server time to perform a long awaited game update for several hours.


When you log into the game next time, you’ll see lots of new things. Here are some of them...

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Warriors! From December 1217:00 Faeo time through December 15, 10:00 Faeo time there will be Happy Hours in Crystalline Caves! It means that you will gain Double Valor while fighting there all weekend. Have fun!

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 Decorate the Christmas Tree11.12.2014 17:00

Warriors! Elders  Baguron and  Vekiry need your help in finding lost presents and Christmas tree baubles. Hurry to the main squares in  Dartrong and  O'Delvays and help Elders complete these tasks. Don't let Christmas be spoiled.


Good luck!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 12)

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