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It is hard to imagine how much trouble did yetis bring to the citizens of both continents! It is time to take vengeance on the yeties for their deeds!
To do that wise mages of humans and magmars will soon open the gates that lead directly to the ice-cold homeland of the yetis. When this happens brave warriors will be needed to travel to the land of the eternal ice, where the army of the enemy will be waiting under the leadership of Shamans. Only by defeating the beasts in their own homeland, you will deter Yetis from attacking the lands of  Ogriy and  Khair!
Fights time table
1-5 level

26.12 12:00

26.12 16:00

6-10 level 26.12 13:00 26.12 17:00
11-15 level 26.12 14:00 26.12 18:00
16-18 level 26.12 15:00 26.12 19:00
Warlords will participate in final battles with the yetis. The power of warriors who will fight with the yeties will be increased to such extent that it will be possible to fight on equals with all players within one level group.

After the end of all fights, Christmas spirit will reward each player who participated in the battle. The reward's amount will depend on the amount of input to the battle's outcome. As a reward for participation warriors of Faeo will receive Magic Snowflake and Frozen Elixir
Soon the lands of eternal ice will tremble from the sound of the great battles! Get reapy for the final battle warriors!
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 Merry Christmas!25.12.2015 13:22

Warriors, this Christmas morning  Baguron and  Verkiry have special Christmas presents waiting for you at the City Squares under the fir tree left by the Saint Nicolas himself! Merry Christmas!
Enjoy this cheerful holiday!

All warriors from level 3 who registered in game before December 1st will be able to receive Christmas presents till December 31st!
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 Fair Update25.12.2015 12:50

UPDATE: Fair will close on Monday, December 28th at 11:00 Faeo time

Defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair! Merchants has decided to updated their Fair's assortment!
Old amulets using which you'd be able to call Burial Mound Dzerug, Marble Anlagrissa and Razortooth Scorpolion.

Have a close look at the old packs of cards: in particular, with the help of «Chaos» you'd be able to summon DefilerDO Wraith once a week, «Exiles' Fortress» pack will enable you – once a week – to summon the Great Lizard Wraith.
Merchants are also selling exclusive professional tools!
Heroes, you'd also like workship scrolls: with their help, you'd be able have the approval of the Great Dragon and the Water Goddess, even if you do not complete the Great Deeds quest.
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 25% Extra Diamonds!23.12.2015 11:00

Warriors! Bankers of English, German and Polish servers have decided to join their forces and offer you something very special for the upcoming Christmas celebration! For a limited time only purchase Brilliant Diamonds and get 25% extra of the amount you buy!

And one more thing, tomorrow the assortment of the Christmas Fair will be updated!
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 Christmas Fair21.12.2015 15:51

What is that unusual noise that is heard on the Trade Fairs of both capitals? A squeak of bend wood, melodious sound of bow-string, a whistle of flying bows… No, that is not the exchange of fire with the enemy, that is customers trying out newly arrived goods. Christmas Fair has started in the World of Faeo! 

Enjoy the fair, warriors!
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 Game Update14.12.2015 15:00

Warriors! Game servers will be stopped from 9:00, December 15th to perform the update. Game servers won't be available for about 4 hours or more. 
We are sorry for the potential inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Follow our official accounts on Facebook and . Twitter for the latest news!
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 Premium Account Compensation11.12.2015 16:40

Warriors of Ogriy and Khair! Changes are coming to the world of Faeo. They will affect players' premium account.

After game update next week players will be able to receive premium account for the exchange of diamonds and rubies at banker's.

Starting from today you will not be able to purchase premium account!

And one more thing, from 9:00, December 14th 2015 all servers will have non-break turned on.

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 Stop the winter threat!08.12.2015 13:00

Traditionally, with the advent of the winter, residents of Faeo start collecting snow, in order to help the Spirit of Christmas materialize as a snowman. Insidious Snowger became aware of this tradition and decided to use negative aura at the continents, that was accumulated due to the hostility and intrusion.

Thanks to their efforts the Spirit of Christmas materialized as a horrifying snow monster and appear in  Luan Coast and  Terror Wharf sooner than expected. In order to defeat evil charms and free the good spirit, you have to defeat his evil entity.
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 20% Extra Diamonds!07.12.2015 15:00

Warriors! Bankers of English, German and Polish servers have decided to join their forces and offer you something special for the upcoming Christmas celebration! For a limited time only purchase Brilliant Diamonds and get 20% extra of the amount you buy!
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 Profitable Deals with Smugglers03.12.2015 13:00

Warriors! Smugglers’ accomplices are spreading rumors that Gloum and Chigrik have gotten hold of rare items, which they are willing to sell in the Contraband Shop. The goods they offer are so exciting, that the most respectable and powerful warriors were spotted hurrying up to the   Barrow of Sadness and the  Glade of Dreams to see what smugglers have brought from distant lands!

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