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 Fern is Everywhere!01.06.2015 17:00

Ordinary fern by sight is surrounded by aura of mysteries... There are many legends about its enigmatic flowers, which appear during several days of June...
We invite you to go on search for this miraculous flower and receive not only a chest with lots of nice surprises from the Spirit of Avarice and Fern Leaf tokens, but also special seasonal achievements.

June - Here comes the summer!

You are about to act at Spirit of Avarice behest, who arrived to the World of Faeo temporarily, and travel quite a lot in search of misterious flowers of Fern. Be ready to ask Bludiara or  Maritsa the Witch for help.

Hurry to gather the magical bud!
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 The Insignia of the Dragons29.05.2015 14:00

Warriors! Mistress of the Dragons Sheara has decided to reward Humans and Magmars and dedicates a special event to the Dragons, who are always on guard and support the warriors in times of hardship.

The Insignia of the Dragon

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 Unprecedented Diamonds Sale!28.05.2015 12:18

Warriors! After recent unprecedented sale done by Chigrik and Gloum bankers of English, German and Polish servers have decided to join their forces and offer you unprecedented diamonds sale. For a limited time only purchase Brilliant Diamonds and get 20% extra of the amount you buy!

The bankers are opening a joint account on May 28 Faeo time, where they have already put Brilliant 15 000 diamonds. Each warrior who purchases diamonds will receive extra 20% on top of what they buy, as long as there are diamonds on the joint account.

The important thing is that Brilliant joint account is shared between three servers: English, German and Polish. So hurry up because Brilliant diamonds on the joint account and consequently 20% extra offer may be over really soon!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 5)

 Unprecedented Sale25.05.2015 17:30

Warriors! Every now and then miracles are bound to happen, notorious smugglers Chigrik and Gloum are not an exception. It just so happens that they've had a stroke of luck and found a humongous stack of abandonded bags on their way back from yet another risky business. They wouldn't be called smugglers unless their first intention after they'd got hold of this newly found treasure was to offer it to you for sale!

In an unprecedented sale at the Premium shop you'll be able to find ordinary goods offered by smugglers as well as new ones!

Smugglers will also be offering a special Ice Bags that contain Cryptos Fragments, which you will be able to use in order get access to the Abode of Eternal Ice.

Archers will find Bag with Archer token particularly handy. Warriors who seek more power in battle will be delighted with Blue Sack! Treasure Hunters will be glad to see Tube of Half-rotted Maps and Tube of Illegible Maps which could be used to facilitate their hunt for treasures.

Smugglers are so excited by their luck that they are eager to keep their goods on display even during the day! Their sale starts on May 25 and will last till May 29th!

Hurry to the Premium shop warriors, and purchase bags that suit you best!

Author: lososerg  More (comments: 15)

 Bonus Valor and Non-Break!22.05.2015 18:00

Warriors! Mistress of the Dragons Sheara has decided to reward the bravest of you with bonus valor for going to the Arena and Crystalline Caves this weekend. She also decided to enchant your weapons so they won't break in Arena, Crystalline Caves, Temple and Tallaar's Halls!


Queue up for Battlefields starting from now without damage to your armor and weapons and receive bonus valor for each fight till May 25th! Good luck on the battlefields!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 10)

 Mirror Magic19.05.2015 12:00

Path to the kingdom of doubles and reflections was reputed to be blocked by the surface of mirrors. Yet now heavenly bodies are positioned in a special way, that the boundaries are no longer sealed!
This rare opportunity was instantly used by mirror-world spirits, who want to own all gold in the world. Don't be afraid of hostile invasion though - spirits will only offer warriors to play a game. When you pay 50, you'll be able to receive one of the many valuable items, from the mirror-world, or even amazing artefact, that couldn't be obtained in any other way.
Hurry and test your luck warriors! Event «Mirror Magic» doesn't last forever!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 8)

 Rewards18.05.2015 14:50

UPDATE: You can now also purchase Award Certificates in the Rewards Shop for both  gold and diamonds!

The darkness was defeated! Horrific brood of Chaos was not able to enslave the world of Faeo: heroic defenders of Ogriy and Khair have fought them back! It is a great cause for celebration!

In honor of this joyful event warlords Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов Damirus and Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов Gidver have opened special shops, for true heroes. Here you'll be able to exchange Award Certificates for a unqie mount, dark elixirs and other great prizes. Hurry: shops will be opened for a limited time: till May 22!
Get yourself great rewards, warriors. You deserve them!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 22)

 The Insignia of the Dragons15.05.2015 11:49

Warriors! Mistress of the Dragons Sheara has decided to reward Humans and Magmars and dedicates a special event to the Dragons, who are always on guard and support the warriors in times of hardship.

The Insignia of the Dragon

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 Poisedopus Invasion14.05.2015 17:00

Army of Chaos has started a cruel invasion at Plateau of Silence! Great battle is about to come, armies of Humans and Magmars are about to clash their swords with the army of Chaos led by Poisedopus.
Defenders of Faeo! Army of Chaos is ready to attack, and only you are able to defeat its onslaught!
Warriors of Ogriy and Khair, world needs your courage! Help your raсe defeat army of Chaos!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 6)

 Event Rewards Shop and May Bags13.05.2015 15:00

Brave warriors of Faeo! May was very saturated with events and interesting tasks for you to complete. As usual, you did a great job. The event «May Mess» has come to its end, now we invite you to visit a shop with event rewards at the City Fairs, which you will be able to purchase with Carved Flame Tokens.
Pay attention to a card for Conlegret game from the new event deck. After the end of each monly event you'll be able to collect cards like this and by the end of the year become the owner of full card set.
If you don't have enough Carved Flame Tokens, visit shops at  Chigrik's and  Gloum's! These enterprising contrabandists have special May Bags, on the bottom of which you will find Carved Flame Tokens.
You can purchase these bags both for gold and for diamonds but you'll be able to buy them one time only for each currency.
Hurry to the event reward shop Warriors!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 4)

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