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August 2016
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 Amulet of Discord16.06.2016 16:30

The stalker found a piece of some unknown artefact when he was hunting. Accidents don’t happen in Faeo, and its inhabitants have long since understood: a thing that seems to be ordinary at a first glance may conceal enormous power and be a bringer of evil. The stalker asks you to find out the origins of that shard and learn if it can threaten the Meridian Lands in any way. 
Quest is available for players from level 16.
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Warriors! Evil forces of Chaos are planning their invasion into the beautiful world of Faeo again. Mistress of the Dragons Sheara is ready to deal with the invaders and will need help from both Magmars and Humans to save their wonderful homeland. To prevent the destruction and deaths of innocent she decided to attack first and commands you to collect the powerful Golden Scales to open the Portal into the Chaos World itself and carry out a poweful blow to cripple the UyarrMO leaders and their ugly Gungls.

The event will start on June 14th at 16:00 Faeo time. Every player who wants to help Sheara with preparations before the fight needs to see Striagorn at Hell's Pass and Erifarius at Foothills.

Good luck to you, warriors! And may the heads of UyarrMO generals roll in the name of Sheara!

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 15% Extra Diamonds!14.06.2016 14:00

Warriors! Bankers of English, German and Polish servers have decided to join their forces and offer you something special. For a limited time only purchase Brilliant Diamonds and get 15% extra of the amount you buy!
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 Dangerous Ailment of a Ruler10.06.2016 12:00

Even experienced warlord, who tool the role of the defender of the capital of Meridian lands and has been successful in doing that for several years now, may need your help. 
Brave warriors! City head of Meridian lands feels sick. Life of Meridian lands warlord is in your hands! 
Quest is available for warriors of level 16 and higher.
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 Soccer Euro Championship 201607.06.2016 16:11

Warriors, many of you will follow and support your favorite team at Soccer Euro Championship 2016, which is about to start! For this occasion, we have prepared special soccer related event for you. Use your knowledge and faith in your team to participate in the predictions betting in the forums and if you are correct, receive amazing rewards!


In order to make a bet you need to purchase Euro 2016 Ticket at the Premium Shop (Sporting goods Tab), which is available by clicking the Bank icon from anywhere in the game.

For more information and betting rules please read this forum thread. We wish you lots of fun and good luck!

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 Trade Fair06.06.2016 10:30

UPDATE: Trade Fair will close on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

What is that unusual noise that is heard on the Trade Fairs of both capitals? A squeak of bend wood, melodious sound of bow-string, a whistle of flying bows… No, that is not the exchange of fire with the enemy, that is customers trying out newly arrived goods. Trade Fair has started in the World of Faeo! 

Enjoy the fair, warriors!
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 Luck Glow03.06.2016 12:00

The elders that restlessly observe the  Well of Fortune and  Mouth of Fortune in the continents' capitals, brought good news to the people of Faeo. They found out that now and than the fire in the botomless split burns brither than usual, while the calm water of the well is covered by impenetrable fog. 

During this time everyone who throws  10,  100 or  1 in the altars of the fate, can attract the attention of the higher forces and receive quite a real reward: ranging from regular elixirs to unique armour. Having named this miracle Luck Glow, the elders engourage the warriors to seize the opportunity to get valuable gifts!
Don't miss the moment when Luck Glow shines over Faeo!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 20)

 Gnome spirit02.06.2016 05:55

At the sunset, when the night covers the world of Faeo, the old graveyard becomes really crowded and full of life. It is not because the undead starts to climb up from the graves. 

The cause of this is Gnome spirit, who prefers to communicate and do business only at this time of day – that is why warriors have to visit cemetery so late..
Quest is available to warriors of level 6 and higher.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 12)

Warriors! Merchants have put up for sale Especially Precious and Precious Forged Trunks and cordially invite all of you to purchase these unique goods at City Fairs of Dartrong and O’Delvays!

ATTENTION! These chests do not contain Merchant Marks.
Hurry! Coffers and Trunks will be available till 23:59 June 1th!

 Defenders of Faeo, trust your fate - you won't be disappointed! Buy especially precious trunks and receive valuable and usefull goods! May the contents of the coffers help you on your way to new victories and deeds!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 31)

 Young Zarlog's Scheme26.05.2016 17:00

The mention about one of ancient artifacts – sroll with spell - was found by a young zarlog in a manuscript about spells of the undead world, he decided to get it. However he encountered some difficulties on his way. 

He cannot ask for help members of his tribe, as they wouldn't approve his interest in magic. Help  Fiosso and  Ishshur find magical scroll, and you will be able to take part in the ancient ritual of bringing back the dead!
Quests «Young Zarlog’s Scheme», «How to Return the Dead from the Other Side» and «Day of the Living Dead» can be completed in consecutive order and available to warriors,
of level 16 and higher.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 4)

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