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 Gnome spirit02.06.2016 05:55

At the sunset, when the night covers the world of Faeo, the old graveyard becomes really crowded and full of life. It is not because the undead starts to climb up from the graves. 

The cause of this is Gnome spirit, who prefers to communicate and do business only at this time of day – that is why warriors have to visit cemetery so late..
Quest is available to warriors of level 6 and higher.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 12)

Warriors! Merchants have put up for sale Especially Precious and Precious Forged Trunks and cordially invite all of you to purchase these unique goods at City Fairs of Dartrong and O’Delvays!

ATTENTION! These chests do not contain Merchant Marks.
Hurry! Coffers and Trunks will be available till 23:59 June 1th!

 Defenders of Faeo, trust your fate - you won't be disappointed! Buy especially precious trunks and receive valuable and usefull goods! May the contents of the coffers help you on your way to new victories and deeds!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 31)

 Young Zarlog's Scheme26.05.2016 17:00

The mention about one of ancient artifacts – sroll with spell - was found by a young zarlog in a manuscript about spells of the undead world, he decided to get it. However he encountered some difficulties on his way. 

He cannot ask for help members of his tribe, as they wouldn't approve his interest in magic. Help  Fiosso and  Ishshur find magical scroll, and you will be able to take part in the ancient ritual of bringing back the dead!
Quests «Young Zarlog’s Scheme», «How to Return the Dead from the Other Side» and «Day of the Living Dead» can be completed in consecutive order and available to warriors,
of level 16 and higher.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 4)

Ships of Galash and Voldemar, are sailing towards foreign lands. However their path is full of dangers! Sea robbers, who would love to have some of the merchants' goods keep attacking their ships. They won't be able to reach their destination without your help!

Dont let the pirates steal from the merchants! More victories on the sea - cheaper goods on the land!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 4)

 Limited Time Payment Bonus24.05.2016 17:00

Warriors! For a limited time only bankers of the world of Faeo are offering you a very generous payment bonus. Purchase 50, 150 or 300 and receive 100% more in bonus items!


IMPORTANT: You will be able to receive payment bonus one time only!

Bankers' offer will last till May 31st, 23:59:59 Faeo time.
Make sure that you purchase diamonds by that time!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 17)

 Get Ready for the Trade Journey23.05.2016 15:00

Great time has come for those who like making a great deals on the lands of Ogriy and Khair. Soon both continents will be filled with overseas goods, the Great Trading Journey has started!


Galash the Merchant and Squire Voldemar are getting their ships ready to sail. Help fill their holds with different gifts of nature from your continent, and the merchants will reward you generously with their IOUs.

When the travellers are back you will be able to exchange IOUs for the goods they will have brough with them. You haven't seen goods like that before!

Participats of the Trading Journey won't be disappointed! You will be greatly rewarded once the ships will return to the ports!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 16)

 Profitable Deals with Smugglers20.05.2016 12:46

Warriors! Smugglers’ accomplices are spreading rumors that Gloum and Chigrik have gotten hold of rare items, which they are willing to sell in the Contraband Shop. The goods they offer are so exciting, that the most respectable and powerful warriors were spotted hurrying up to the   Barrow of Sadness and the  Glade of Dreams to see what smugglers have brought from distant lands!

Author: lososerg  More (comments: 7)

 Surprise for the "Best Friend"19.05.2016 11:00

Residents of Meridian Lands have been following not so friendly relationship between the Patrolman and the Boatman: these two will always find a reason to make a nasty joke to one another.
Nobody knows when and how did this hostility start, but you won't find another two people in the area who like to harm each other more. 
Sometimes even the delivery of an ordinary gift can become a real adventure! Quest is available for warriors of level 16 and higher.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 11)

 Event Rewards Shop and May Bags17.05.2016 15:54

Brave warriors of Faeo! May was very saturated with events and interesting tasks for you to complete. As usual, you did a great job. The event «May Mess» has come to its end, now we invite you to visit a shop with event rewards at the City Fairs, which you will be able to purchase with Carved Flame Token s.
Pay attention to a card for Conlegret game from the new event deck. After the end of each monly event you'll be able to collect cards like this and by the end of the year become the owner of full card set.
If you don't have enough Carved Flame Token s, visit shops at  Chigrik's and  Gloum's! These enterprising contrabandists have special May Bags, on the bottom of which you will find Carved Flame Token s.
You can purchase these bags both for gold and for diamonds but you'll be able to buy them one time only for each currency.
Hurry to the event reward shop Warriors!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 7)

 Small error - big trouble12.05.2016 12:00

Even mighty sorcerers may have embarrassing failures. During yet another experiment with the dark magic  Necromancer and  Occultist Koeshu cast on the undead at the Land of Deceased and Abode of Decay an unknown sickness, which can quickly spread among the living when infected corpses get close to the nearby villages. 
Thus, such a small mistake in the spell has led to big problems. 
Weekly recurring quest is available for warriors from level 8.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 15)

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