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 Summer Pleasures02.07.2014 06:00

Warriors! Early July is the best time for gathering the sweetest fruit and berries. Gardens of Faeo have ripe apples, honey pears, sweet raspberries and some Magic Cherries.


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 Individual Avatars are Back!01.07.2014 12:00

Warriors of Faeo! We are glad to announce that Individual Avatars are back! Order Individual Avatar and get a chance to create a personalized look of you character with its unique features and story. Become a Legendary  Human or  Magmar!

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 15% Extra Diamonds!29.06.2014 06:00

Update: Bankers report that joint account is empty and hence 15% extra offer is over.

Warriors! Bankers of English, German and Polish servers have decided to join their forces to offer you something unique and special. For a limited time only purchase Brilliant Diamonds and get 15% extra of the amount you buy!

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 Mysterious Chests19.06.2014 07:12

Update:  Chigrik the Thief and  Gloum the Swindler have heard your requests and decided to sell the keys till 13:00, June 24th Faeo time. Speak with Chigrik the Thief/Gloum the Swindler in order to access Contraband Shop.

Warriors, your love for opening precious chests with wonderful goods inside is not a secret. Those chests may contain anything: from elixirs that warriors use in their daily battles to amazing Cerrador Amulet! Antiquarians report that someone or something has stolen their chests supply. This is a truly mysterious situation, because now the chests started to appear everywhere in the world of Faeo!

Myterious Chests appear all over Faeo in the MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.

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 2-5 Riding Skill 10% Discount!16.06.2014 19:00

Update: We are sorry that due to technical reasons the discount ended earlier than was stated in the news. For that reason, Arnica and  Orfin extend their offer till Wednesday, June 18th. Original news item below.


Warriors, season of discounts is coming to the world of Faeo. If you were dreaming about improving your Riding Skills 2-5 you can now do so with 10% discount! Arnica and  Orfin agreed to reduce learning fees for a limited period. 

It is your chance to learn the neseccasry Riding Skills at the Wirgold Estate or Mentaliya Foothills, in order to own Grumvol or a powerful Emerald Jakaral

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 Decisive Battle12.06.2014 22:34

Warriors of Faeo, you have done everything to fight forces of Chaos and darkness back. But now we need all your power to fight one last decisive battle!


You must hurry to the Fortress of Captivity and see for yourself that the seeds, the tentacles, the pentagrams and the red sky were nothing compared with the Chaos Beast, which is threatening the world of Faeo!

Defenders of Faeo, only you can stand against an army of Chaos!  Humans and Magmars, get ready to protect your world and earn valuable Chaos Particles. 25 Chaos Particles will be given to all warriors who participate in the battle, 50 warriors, who score highest damage will receive 100 particles! Places 51 to 100 in the highest damage rating will be given 50 particles. Good luck!

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 Soccer World Championship 201409.06.2014 18:24

Warriors, many of you will follow and support your favorite team at Soccer World Championship 2014, which is about to start! For this occasion, we have prepared special soccer related event for you. Use your knowledge and faith in your team to participate in the predictions betting in the forums and if you are correct, receive amazing rewards!


In order to make a bet you need to purchase World Championship 2014 Ticket at the Premium Shop, which is available by clicking the Bank icon from anywhere in the game.

For more information and betting rules please read this forum thread. We wish you lots of fun and good luck!

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 New Twitter account!09.06.2014 00:05

Warriors of Faeo!

We are pleased to announce that War of Dragons has launched its own Twitter account where we will be sharing news about upcoming events and game updates. We will also post promotional codes from time to time, so be sure to follow us there if you don't want to miss anything! 



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 Born of Chaos04.06.2014 22:50

Warriors, who return from hunting, tell stories about terrible curse that affected some creatures of the world of Faeo. They show deep wounds that they got after they had encountered monsters that they have never seen before.


These beasts come directly from dead monsters' bodies, jumping out as furious demons. Sudden attacks of these weird creatures have caused turmoil among people of Faeo, letting them fall into dispair.



Warriors! Chaos is continuing its invasion to the world of Faeo! This time tricking you by possessing bodies of dead creatures. Warlords Image gallery of online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Gidver and Image gallery of online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Damirus ask for your help. You should obtain the Chaos Essence and take it to arenas, so that city authorities could investigate further.


The threat is so serious that Sheara herself has decided to intervene and help warriors of Faeo. She promises to reward the bravest warriors with Award Certificates which could later be used to get Chaos Particles at the Reward Shop!







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 Fern Blossom04.06.2014 09:00

Warriors, faint sunrays were able to come through the overcast sky above the world of Faeo! Yet that was enough for ferns to bloom. They say that blooming ferns have mysterious and miraculous powers, and any warrior who finds one will be generously rewarded by the mysterious Spirit of Avarice.


Finding blooming ferns is not an easy task. Warriors will need any help they can get. Luckily,  Maritsa and Bludaria are eager to help fern-seekers and share some knowledge of ancient legends of world of Faeo that would help in warriors' quest.


So do not waste your time, warriors, for the Spirit of Avarice appears only for a limited time once in a year! After 15:00, June 10th the Spirit will vanish. Do not miss this great opportunity to get some valuable gifts!

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