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July 2017
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 Luck Glow02.05.2017 11:00

The elders that restlessly observe the  Well of Fortune and  Mouth of Fortune in the continents' capitals brought good news to the people of Faeo. They found out that now and then the fire in the bottomless split burns brighter than usual, while the calm water of the well is covered by impenetrable fog. 

During this time everyone who throws  10,  100 or  1 in the altars of the fate, can attract the attention of the higher forces and receive quite a real reward: ranging from regular elixirs to unique armor. Having named this miracle Luck Glow, the elders encourage the warriors to seize the opportunity to get valuable gifts!
Don't miss the moment when Luck Glow shines over Faeo!
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 Additional power ups28.04.2017 16:30

Preparation for the festive fireworks in honor of the decade continues. The enchanted fireworks, thankfully obtained by the dedicated continents' defenders, wait for their time to blow the night Faeo sky in millions of flickering flashes. The Festival Organiser needs a wide variety of warrior qualities and emotions – in fact, as is known, they will serve as charges for the anniversary fireworks display.

Battles are never too much! In this weekend even the warlords of  Ogriy and  Khair call the warriors to take part in the Chaotic Battles. Remain strong and in full force - your weapons and armors will stand against any attack because in this battles they are not threatened by any breakings. Fight for voctory - participants in this Chaotc battles;will receive 50% more valour than the basic one.
Get up your spirit – let every battle bring you victory!
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 Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes27.04.2017 18:00

Brave warriors! It is time for the great battles - 7 forgotten heroes are back on the battlefields. It is you who will have to help them! 

Go to Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes and participate in the fierce battles 7 on 7 with your swore enemies. Incarnate as a hero, whose time has gone, only you can relive their lives and cross the swords in battle with each other.

Each incarnation has its own unique abilities and battle tactics. Only complete team of all 7 incarnations can have a chance of victory.

Upgrade your heroes during the battles, collect Token of Forgotten Heroes from the defeated heroes. Only the team who can find the winning tactics will be able to go till the end of the dungeons.

Find the path to the enemy base and destroy their altar in order to win. It is not as easy as it sounds!

New instance is launched in beta test mode and available for players of level 3 and higher

You can queue up for the new instance via Battlefields tab 

- Read more about the new instance in the library
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 Hunters' Trade Fair of Wonders27.04.2017 12:30

UPDATE2: Fair assortment was updated again!

Check out useful folios and a number of rare items that merchants have already put on display.

Valuable spheres will let you summon powerful allies during the fight. Use them in to take advantage in the decisive moments in battles.

UPDATE: Brave warriors! Tradesmen decided to update the assortment of the fair, so that you would be pleased even more with your purchases. Now you can purhcas arcates and bracelets for them.

Pay attention to the new runic bezels, they will be of most use to the professional gatherers.


Use Malachite Tablets in order to increase your backpack's capacity by up to 10 additional cells.

Card collectors should also pay a visit to the Premium shop where they will find a Set of 60 Conlegret cards

What is that unusual noise that is heard on the Trade Fairs of both capitals? A squeak of bend wood, melodious sound of bowstring, a whistle of flying bows… No, that is not the exchange of fire with the enemy, that is customers trying out newly arrived goods. Warriors' Fair of Wonders has started in the World of Faeo! 

Enjoy the fair, warriors!
Author: Threepwood  More (comments: 27)

 Diamond bandit27.04.2017 11:30

When the luck is with you, images of the game machine are set in the right order as if you commanded them to do so, and the gold coins fall into your pockets.

Now if the luck keeps favoring you, your pockets will be full of diamonds too. The «diamond» one armed bandit is back again, and will operate in addition to the existing one.

Diamond bandit will work till May 2
Play and win, let the luch be on your side more often.
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 2)

 Gifts for Diamonds Purchase21.04.2017 15:00

Diamonds, that shine under the rays of Mirrow, are rightfully considered to be the most valuable currency of the world of Faeo. Warriors with the handful of diamonds can open many doors, and tradesmen will be glad to offer rarest goods. Now you can receive valuable and important goods for the mere fact of purchasing diamonds, without actually spending them!
333   9-th
1500   11-th
Warriors! Starting from today and till April 30th when purhcasing diamonds, during the special offer, you will receive gifts! There are 12 valuable gifts, which you will receive one by one for each purchase of no less than  100 (i.e. if you purchase a greater sum at a time you will receive no further benefits - for each payment you will receive no more than one reward). After receiving one prize, you will receive the next one after purchasing another 100 diamonds. Remember that you don't have to spend the diamonds to get the rewards!
Hurry - this offer is limited in time!
Author: Threepwood  More (comments: 2)

 Third Task21.04.2017 11:00

Fearless warriors! The Festival Organiser has the next challenge – fights at the legendary battlefields of Faeo! The Festival Organiser is waiting for volunteers.

Fearless warriors! The Festival Organiser has the next challange – fights at the legendary battlefields of Faeo! Taking part at the Crystalline Caves, Temple, Arena, Meridian Vault or Tallaar Halls, you will be able to charge the magic amulet with Bitterness after defeating your opponents. And your items won't break in battle there! 
Successful battles and bloody victories to all!
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 Mysterious statue of experience21.04.2017 06:00

Warrior! Strange things are happening in your estate. Dark energy breaks out from under the ground below the Statue of Experience built on your land. Talk to your Own Shadow to find out what's going on!

You can find out more about the Mysterious Statue of Experience in the game library

 The quest is available for all warriors from level 7 that have a Statue of Experience built in their estate.

Author: Threepwood  More (comments: 19)

 Mirror Magic17.04.2017 14:00

Path to the kingdom of doubles and reflections was reputed to be blocked by the surface of mirrors. Yet now heavenly bodies are positioned in a special way, that the boundaries are no longer sealed!
This rare opportunity was instantly used by mirror-world spirits, who want to own all gold in the world. Don't be afraid of hostile invasion though - spirits will only offer warriors to play a game. When you pay 50, you'll be able to receive one of the many valuable items, from the mirror-world, or even amazing artefact, that couldn't be obtained in any other way.

 This time we have added new valuable prizes and increased the chances of their drop!

The new prizes will improve the quality of your game. This time the updated Mirror Magic will last till April 20th!
Hurry and test your luck warriors!
Author: Threepwood  More (comments: 11)

Warriors! Evil forces of Chaos are planning their invasion into the beautiful world of Faeo again. Mistress of the Dragons Sheara is ready to deal with the invaders and will need help from both Magmars and Humans to save their wonderful homeland. To prevent the destruction and deaths of innocent she decided to attack first and commands you to collect the powerful Golden Scales to open the Portal into the Chaos World itself and carry out a poweful blow to cripple the UyarrMO leaders and their ugly Gungls.

Every player who wants to help Sheara with preparations before the fight needs to see Striagorn at Hell's Pass and Erifarius at Foothills.

Good luck to you, warriors! And may the heads of UyarrMO generals roll in the name of Sheara!

Author: Threepwood  More (comments: 7)

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