The Navigator
To help you find your way around Faeo without getting lost and wondering whether you should really have taken a left at the last junction you can use the Navigator. Click the compass button on the right-hand side of the screen to load up the Navigator:

Navigator button

The Navigator can help you find locations, monsters, resources and NPCs. If the monster or resource you require can be found in more than one location, the Navigator will tell you and allow you to set a route to whichever location you want.
The Navigator fulfils two purposes: firstly, it tells you where whatever you are looking for is actually located and, secondly, it allows you to mark a route to your target location on the map and in the locations list.
To find something, you must first select what type of object you are looking for:
  Choose what you want to search for
Then you need to choose the name of the object itself:
Select the object you are looking for  
Once you have done this, a list of locations will appear in which the object you are looking for can be found. The figure in brackets  shows you the number of transfers required to get from your current location to your desired location. The first location on the list is the nearest location:

Locations where the object can be found

To mark the route on your map, you need to click:

Confirm button

The Navigator will mark the route to your desired destination. The following will then happen:
The “Confirm” button will be replaced by “The route has been set.”
A golden cross will appear on the map in the centre of your required location and an orange path will link your current location with your required location.

Marked route

In the main game window, the Navigator compass button will take on a red background and the compass will spin.  

The Navigator button when the Navigator is switched on

In the locations list, the location you need to go to next on the route to your required location will flash orange.  

The orange-boxed location indicates the next step to take on your journey

If you close or open the Navigator or world map, use the map, or carry out any other game action without leaving your current location, the marked route will be saved.
If you move to a different location, the path on the map and the locations list indicator will change to reflect the route you need to take to the required location.
Your target destination will only be cleared when you:
1)  Reach the destination;
2)  Set a new destination; or
3) Click the “Clear” button in the Navigator:
Clear button
Important!TheNavigator can only find objects which are on the world map. Therefore, it does not show creatures living in buildings, underground, in instances or on battlefields. Nor does can it help you find rare resources.


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