The Order of Guards
The Order of Guards
After the Chaos has been beaten back, the world was torn to pieces. This was the time when Sheara, the Mistress of Dragons, has arrived. Together with her loyal servants, the mighty dragons Erifarius and Striagorn, she started restoring the world's order.

Two continents have been created: Ogrey, green and healthy, for the human race and Khair, fierce and dark for the magmars. During this restoration process, Sheara needed help, so she has decided to create The Order of the Guards. An Order which could enforce the rules, given by her and the dragons, protect people from betrayal, fraud and honorless deeds.

The first leaders of the Order were Limdur for the human race and Lancaeron for the magmar race. Both have been chosen by the Dragons for their rightful and straight performance through all the battles and challenges, as well as their strong personalities and unshakable believes. Once chosen they have been invited to the Plateau of Silence to meet with Sheara.

When the chosen have arrived, they have been greeted by the mighty dragons Erifarius and Striagorn. With their enormous wings they created a circle to protect the two brave warriors. Shortly after that Sheara herself has appeared. The creation of rules and regulations to help mantain order in a new and powerful civilization has been discussed. The meeting took nine days and seven hours but in the end they have all agreed on the following set of rules:

To create the Order of the Guards, both leaders had to form a strong and reliable team. In close cooperation they have created a reliable structure and the regulations for how the Order should work. Further they had to decide on the conditions and attributes that the future members of the Order should bring and posses. Ever since then the Guards have been restlessly and responsibly fullfilled their duties and carried out Sheara's will.
Order of Guards structure and responsibilities

Head of the Order: Recruiting, interviewing and training new members; mentoring and supervising the team; keeping track of the team's salaries and promotions; working on cases where their help is needed.

Second in Command: helping and supporting the Head of the Order; training new members; supporting and helping the team.

Operations Department: Conducting investigations regarding cases of use of multiple characters by the same player, power leveling, violations of trading rules.

Investigation Department: Conducting investigations regarding rigged fights; valour leeching; account sharing and hacking; botusers and black market deals.

Review Depart: Reviewing already handled old cases (over 6 months old) to see if there are any chances of amnesty for players; changing old curses in accordance with new rules.

Ecomomic Department: Following up on loans; updating calculation list; verifying profiles and forbidden nicknames; handling gifts with foul or insulting messages; investigating trade frauds; approving or denying marriage and divorce requests.

Necessary attributes for a member of the Order

 To become a member of the Order of Guards you have to have the following personality traits:
  1. Tactfulness and politeness;
  2. Conflict situations solving skills;
  3. Discipline;
  4. Accountability and impartiality when doing Guard work;
  5. Initiative.

 You will also have to follow the Guards Code of Conduct:
  1. Following game rules;
  2. Following strict confidentiality regarding inside communications and processes;
  3. Your in-game activity should not interfere with your work as a Guard.

Before you apply to become a member of Magmar Guards please make sure that you meet all the necessary requirements.

 Applicant requirements:
  1. Age: 20+;
  2. Character level: 5+;
  3. Game experience: At least 3 months;
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the game rules and policies;
  5. Great command of English language;
  6. Clear history: No serious/repeated violations;
  7. 1 gold coin.
 Your application must contain the following information:
  1. Character name.
  2. Date of registration in game
  3. Age (
  4. Education.
  5. Time when you are available in-game.
  6. Were you a member of any other clan? Why did you quit?
  7. Why do you want to become a member of the Order ofGuards? What do you think about the Order of Guards as a clan?
  8. What can you tell us about your personal traits?
  9. How much time are you willing to spend on Guard work?
  10. Is it your first character? Did you play Legend: Legacy of the Dragons on any other server?


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