Jesters Team
During the restoration process of the world Faeo, Sheara, the Mistress of the Dragons, has formed the Order of Guards to enforce the Faean law and the Order of Mentors to teach people how to survive in this newly created world and thought that nothing else was needed.

Days were passing by. Sheara was looking down at people and their lives. „Something is still missing“, she thought one day. Libraries where full with writings that needed to be re-written in a proper way, mentors where teaching people theory, but they didn't have any practice. It also seemed that people were having a routinous life: work, sleep, eat and repeat. „Where is the laughter and fun?“, Sheara was wondering.

Sheara was once taking one of her long walks around Faeo, watching people being so serious and worrying about nothing but food and home. „This is so sad,“ she said to herself. „When times are so hard, war and monsters threatening everything. People need distraction and laughter to cheer up their moods,“ She kept wandering down the road towards the harbour region, getting more and more depressed with every step. Suddenly a strange sound filled the air. „Is that joy and laugher I hear?“ Sheara started to walk faster and faster, following the sound. Suddenly she found herself standing in front of a pub.

She opened the door and walked in. In the middle of the room she saw a warrior, dressed in funny clothes and making jokes in front of the other pub guests. „Who ist that man?“, she was asking the warriors around her. „He calls himself Jester. That is all we know,“ one of the men replied. „Yes, we have never seen him before,“ another man said before bursting out in laughter again. „He is hilarious indeed,“ Sheara said. She was taking a closer look, but she could not recognize which race the man belongs to as he was wearing a mask.

So she took a seat to watch the show and asked him to her table at the end of his show. „Tell me,“ she said, „How did you come up with this idea?“ The man answered: „Life is too short to focus on work and hunt only!“ Sheara could do nothing but agree. She asked him whenever he could spread his entertainment to both continents, Khair and Ogriy. He the revealed to be a bastard, born by a Human woman that had a secret affair with a Magmar warrior, "I feel home in both races", he confessed. So he agreed to spread joy and laughter all over Faeo.“ Sheara was very pleased and told him: „From this day on I shall name you the official head of the Jesters. Find people on both continents and teach them the ways. They will help you to spread the fun and entertainment even to the darkest parts of our world.“

Ever since that day, Jesters bring joy and laughter to  Khair and  Ogriy. To cheer up the mood of the hardworking people ad vary their lives.


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