Promotional codes
How to open promotional codes?
In War of Dragons you can obtain promotional codes on different occasion, such as taking part in social media and forum events, as well as in delivering information about game errors and bugs. In the following you will find a short explanation on how to open the code.
 How to insert the promotion code

1) The code appears in the following format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. To open it go to the character button on top of the page, then personal - preferences and scroll down to the button Enter a promotional code

2) Click on the button Enter a promotional code and the window below will open. Copy and paste your code and click on Receive a bonus.

3) Your reward will be shown in your chat window.

 Potential Issues

  • Every code is a one-time reward only. If a code is offered in public, only the fastest will receive the reward.
  • Codes have a cool-down time. If you have received more than 3 codes, you will have to wait a couple of minutes after every 3 codes to open the rest.
  • If you followed the instructions above and the code still shows "Invalid" contact  Liusaidh via ingame mail for a solution.
  • Promotion codes are unique and only available once. If you receive a code from another player who has already activated it, you will not receive a reward for entering the same code.



You are allowed to gift the code but only via ingame mail or gift.
If we detect the code being used on another account without having received it through mail or gift, then it will be against rules.

Further, the use of this code with any multi-accounts is punishable according to game rule 1a/b.


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