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During the restoration process of the world Faeo, Sheara, the Mistress of the Dragons, has formed the Order of Guards to enforce the Faean law and the Order of Mentors to teach people how to survive in this newly created world and thought that nothing else was needed. 

The days were passing by and Sheara was looking down to the people. „Something still is missing“, she thought. The libraries where full with notes which would need to be written down in a proper manner but the mentors where too busy to teach the people in practice.

Not long after Sheara was standing on one of the libraries, looking aroung and shaking her head about the mess she was facing here. Torn notes and papers everywhere. „And it does not look better in any of the other libraries I was visiting!“, she sighed. Something had to happen and it needed to happen soon. Notes and papers needed to be kategorised and put together in a chronicle order. „How should ever find anyone a certain information in that chaos?“, she was asking to her Dragons, „Go out, my loyal servants and find me wise warriors who not only know to lead the sword but are as strong with the feather!“

It was not easy to find what Sheara was expecting. Most people still were too busy to create a new life in this new world and were more concerned about having food on the table every day and a roof on top of their heads, a warm place for their children. But eventually they succeeded. Deep in the forests of the continent  Ogriy they found Pandrik who was living in a tree house. A wise man who already left his fighting years behind and who´s greatest passion now was, to collect ancient knowledge. In  Khair they were looking everywhere but the right person was closer than expected. Right before the city gates there also was an aged man living in a tower. His name was Flavvy. His eyesight was not the best anymore, but he still could separate the ancient knowledge from useless load of waffles.

Acknowledging their age and showing her respect Sheara were visiting the old men in person to ask them to work in the libraries, to rewrite the old notes and store them in the shelves according to their content. Also she asked them to teach other talented warriors to support them in their important work and those young warriors got honoured with the emblem of a feather :

The  Heralds have come to life!
As the time progressed and  Heralds were hard at work, the higher ups saw the work ever piling. Not only that, they identified other places where the help could be provided to residents, but there was no one to provide it. So, a decision was made to expand and divide the work among the teams, and thus, four new divisions under  Heralds were born
Continuing on the old path that was given to them by Sheara, herself, Heralds decided to make a team comprised of Archivists. Their task was same as before, to maintain the libraries, translate any documents to various languages spoken in Faeo, find and eliminate mistakes in the library archives, and write new documents to keep track of all the knowledge in Faeo.
War Narrators
As the fierceness and intensity of Clan Wars increased, the Clan Wars became an integral part of the society. Residents looked forward to these tournaments and the money pool was going higher, but there was no structure in place to report about this spectacular event. Therefore, heralds decided to create a team of  War Narrators. The task of  War Narrators is to interview the fighters, and relate the thoughts, feelings and moods of these fearless warriors with general public. They are also tasked with documenting all necessary information regarding Clan Wars.
 Heralds realized that even though they have been writing and maintaining the library for ages, they have never been able to properly document street knowledge. There is just so much information labelled as common knowledge, that it is almost never shared or documented anywhere. This causes either the lose of such knowledge, or deceiving people who don't have this particular knowledge. After searching for a reliable way to relate this delicate information,  Heralds came across a man named, CrackerJack who possessed immense knowledge. Thus, they formed CrackerJacks with the help of CrackerJack to relate these tips to public.
This last task was the most complicated. As the generation was changing, the old ways were declining. People no longer wanted to be warriors, the race for valor was declining, and sitting in city pubs was no longer as popular. After much thought and careful planning,  Heralds decided to form Socializers. Their task was quite different as even Socializers had various groups who had their own jobs. Some were tasked to show the beauty of faeo to the masses, while others were tasked with adding humor to the competitive, angry, sad, dull (and sometimes dark) life and events and convey the information to the masses in best way possible. There were others who opened up different stations to attract people to sit and talk, where people from both races can just relax, chat with each other and can share whatever they want with everyone. There was also a dedicated team to convey the official information and bring events to the public that were more laidback and fun.

Given the task to expand the world of faeo Socializers immediately begun the works. Many of you might have already been using War of Dragons Facebook or Discord server, but it was just the beginning. Going with the flow new social media came to life for War of Dragons. New fun activities, competitions, quizzes, riddles and most importantly great rewards await you warriors!

Below you will find a full list of places to join with their descriptions. The sooner you join, the higher chances you have to win the prize.
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