Attack Rule

A.  General attacks


From now on, there is an outright BAN on attacks against any player of the SAME and OPPOSITE race, whose level is below your level by more than 3. This rule only applies for attacks on players with level 6 or lower and is valid only on territories directly belonging to any of the races.

The attack rule does not apply to any attacks on players whose level is 7 or higher.


The following areas do not belong to any of the races, so this rule does not apply to any fights taking place on any of these territories:

  • Insanity Moor
  • Plateau of Silence
  • Isles of Fay-Go
  • Underwater World and all its locations
  • Isles of Swirling Mist
  • Frozen islands
  • Rainbow Lands (during the Clan Wars season)
  • Boats between Virigiya and Vurdaliya


Clarifying aspects:


  1. Mass battles during events such as "Caravan", "Trade Journey", Battle for Fortress seizure (including Haldebor, Wind Rose, Eridan, Kiyrite), Ancient Plateau, among others.


Any attacks of lower-level players will NOT be grounds for getting punishment during these battles!


  1. Any Human or Magmar caught on the territory of an enemy race can be attacked or cursed/immobilized/poisoned by ANY player of ANY level of a hostile race. This action will NOT be grounds for punishment!


ATTENTION! Note that such an attack is the resolving ground for a retaliatory attack on any territory, as long as the provoked player has got proofs of the provocation!



  • Should a player (level 6 or below) provoke a player (3 levels above theirs or higher) for a retaliatory attack (see below), the provoked player should make a screenshot of the chat window, showing the provocation/the use of a curse/spell or any other negative effect against himself in order to prove the legitimacy of the retaliatory attack. Also see point 6 below.

Examples of provocation/hostile actions (negative effects resulting from seasonal and other events are excluded):

  • Insulting gifts/messages (Please clarify if the gift/message contains an insult with the Guards teams prior to attacking. Messages on the forum do not contribute towards provocation/hostile actions.)
  • Use of negative effects. For example, any "Curse of the Sickly Hex", the use of the "Prisoner's Ball and Chain", throwing summons etc.
  • Removal of positive effects from a player (e.g. Brotherhood of Virtue blessings, Rainbow power, Rage of Vertsida).
  • Use of attack summons, which display a player’s name (e.g. Elusive Atshi bats or Lured Pkhadd Bears).
  • Direct attacks.
  • Intentional looting. (excluded: Event monsters and bosses)
  1. Players have the right to request assistance in battles. If a player gets attacked on the territory of their own race, then they can request assistance of ANY players. However, if you get attacked on enemy territory or if you are the attacker, the players that help you must comply with the rule of "not attacking players more than 3 levels lower" if they are level 6 and below.


  1. If during any raid a player has accidentally attacked a player that is more than 3 levels below their level and is level 6 or below, they must not hit and need to use the sand clock to avoid autohit. They should report the incident to guards right away to avoid any punishment.You CAN use Feigned Death Ruse Potions to leave the fight, however you CANNOT use Kretch Defenders Amulets of Call.


  1. If a level 6 or lower player gets attacked by a player who is more than 3 levels above their own level, they should report the attack within 3 days to any guard including the fight link. Should they report the incident later, Guards will not review the case.


  1. If a low-level player is provoking any higher level player (See examples of provocation/hostile actions above) this high-level player will be able to retaliate to the provoker at any time in the future, as long as they have proofs of the provocation and do it only once for every provocation without breaking article 9 Code of Conduct.
Attacks in neutral zones do not count towards the retaliation clause for provocation.


  1. Executioners DO have the right to take orders for players of ANY level.


However, the following conditions must be taken into account:

  • The victim must be of the same race as the Executioner.
  • The Contractor must have a proof of provocation to order an execution of a player whose level is below level 6 and is lower than the Executioner by more than 3 levels. If sufficient evidence is not provided, the Contractor will be held liable for any violations of the attack rule.
  • The Contractor may not order the execution of the same player for an extended period of times within a short time frame.
  • Members of the same clan/alliance may act as "The Contractor". However, in this case the clan/alliance leader will be considered to be "The Contractor" and will have to take full responsibility for the actions of their clan/alliance members.


  1. All attacks under the use of invisibility also DO fall under all the rules mentioned above, as well as the article 9 Code of Conduct.


You can find these rules added to the Game Rules, under the Penalties section: Point 8, Destructive actions .


  1. If a player intentionally falsely accuses an enemy raider of violations of the attack rule, after provocation, they will be punished with the curse for attack rule violations.


B.  Battles during a war between two clans/alliances of the same race.

To declare war on a clan/alliance, a declaration of war must be sent to the respective clans via a clan gift by the clan leader in writing down the reason, start end ending time of this war. War can only be declared to a clan of the same race. This war period lasts for two weeks, after which a one week cooldown period is initiated and normal rules apply again. To continue with a clan war, you must send another declaration of war after the one week cooldown period.


Any attacks on players level 6 or below from the enemy clan during a war will NOT be grounds for receiving punishment! Attacks within the constraints of the attack rules are still permitted during the one week cooldown period. 

Reasons to declare wars:
- Active poaching of clan members.
- Attacks or negative effects on clan/alliance members with malicious intent.
- Intentional disruption during hunts including, but not limited to, looting or stalling fights.
- Repeatedly joining fights including, but not limited to, Shaissars and PvP without permission and, with said interference, having a negative impact on the outcome.
- Insulting or bad mouthing on a regular basis.
- Intentional inflammation of matters, including deceiving other players.
- Fights for Castle Tower (only the concerned clans can declare war, not their allies)

Declaring war repeatedly for the same reason is not tolerated, unless the rationale is still valid after the end of the previous clan war.

When a clan declares war, they can declare war to a clan and their allies. To note: neither side’s alliance is automatically subjected to war conditions without a formal war declaration.


C.  Ruins of Khor-Abselon

From now, there is an outright ban on attacks on members of the enemy race in the Ruins of Khor-Abselon. If a player is found to attack, use negative effects or intentionally stall the enemy race in this location, they will be punished with the same severity as that of the Attack Rules.
If a player continues with these actions, despite Attack Rules curses, their actions will be deemed as destructive and handled accordingly.

Attacks on the same race will no longer be against the Attack Rules in Ruins of Khor-Abselon, however regular CoC9 rules will apply.

Please note: the Bowl of Dead Rum is an exception to this rule as players may cast it from any location.

The rules have already come to effect as of this moment. Breach of said rules will be punished.

June 2023


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