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After Sheara finished her restoration work in the world of Faeo, she took a long deserved break from the people of Khair and Ogriy. But after a while, she started to miss the chaos and colourful emotions of the warriors. Instead, she heard rumours that they were overcome with rough, dark humour and distasteful jokes.

So she decided to go for a walk and see for herself how the world has developed. But she was in for quite an unpleasant surprise. The language and the tone with which her subjects communicated with each other had become very rude and offensive. The ambiance seemed to be rather salty and harsh and only rarely she could catch a glimpse of the old light and funny way.

“It cannot be left like this,” Sheara thought. “If people cannot control their own language and their ways of how to express themselves, I have to make them!” But who to trust with such an important task. Who could teach her subjects how to behave and can stand above their hostile reactions?

After some reflection, she decided to put a special creature to task, Bester! And through this, great Bester founded a new structure group: Forum Moderators.

Since then, Forum Moderators are in charge of keeping the public forums of the world Faeo clean and accessible for all. And even more, Forum Moderators also installed special moderators to monitor spoken language in chats, gifts and profiles in the Order of the Guards.

Rules and regulations:
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