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 Welcome Warrior, into the Order of Mentors! 
At the time when Sheara, the Mistress of the Dragons, has restored the order of the world of Faeo, a lot of people of both races still seemed to be leaderless and lost. Everyting scared them, they did not know anything about this new world that the dragons have led them to.

Sheara observed their confusion and frustration for some time until she discovered one special warrior in each of the races that demonstrated special skills and knowledge in surviving in this new world and making it their home. She asked her dragons to find out more about these skillfull warriors and the truth was astonishing: Both warriors were related to Ivumar, the librarian of the Chosen. Seems that he had children with women of both races and the ancient knowledge has been passed down with each generation in those families.

After some thinking she has send her dragons to bring these warriors to her. Eruestan, from the human race, and Megildur, from the Magmar race, were presented before her. Both looked scared as they had no idea what could they have done wrong to be asked to Sheara's.

„Warriors,“ Sheara spoke to them, „I have asked you here to offer you to be the First Mentors of Faeo. I have seen that people need guidance and knowledge and you have proven to have it and of being capable of sharing it with others. Will you accept my offer?“ Both warriors felt highly honoured by this offer and accepted it. This was the day when the Order of the Mentors was born.

Eruestan and Megildur wrote down all their knowledge. Libraries were created to store their notes. But because there were so many people whom they had to share their knowledge with and teach, the two mentors decided to train and make mentors out of other worthy warriors. Since then the Order of Mentors has been maintained by those willing and dedicated warriors that have been helping others learn the laws and principles of Faeo through the years.


You are now in a position of honour amongst your fellow warriors. To be in this Order is to be a trusted and helpful player, answering queries and directing players to relevant parts of the site.

Here you will find the rules all Mentors must abide by. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in a your dismissal from the Order!

Mentors are players whose special responsibility is to assist other players, especially new players. They do this by answering any reasonable questions about the game, and helping solve any difficulties new players may have with the game, other players, or the site. They may have a direct answer, or they may point players in the right direction where they can get more specific help.

 Mentor Applications

Mentor applications are only accepted when there is a need for new Mentors. At those times, a forum section called "Mentor Applications" becomes available and you can post your application there. Please do NOT write in the Hall of Mentors. If you are accepted, you will be informed in-game.

Applications to join the Order of the Mentors can be posted in the following links:

Human Mentor Applications
Magmar Mentor Applications

Note: You must have the Game Client installed to use the functions of a Mentor. You will not be able to use the Chat Log functions that are vital to your role as Mentor without it. Make sure you download the "Full (with media) + plugins" to get the full experience of the game now.

Click here to DOWNLOAD

 Mentors' Duties:

To assist new players in Settlement of Chernag or the Settlement of Klesva .




Mentors are required to complete a specific time of shifts per week. This differs depending on the race. There is no limit to the number of shifts that can be performed by a single Mentor.

There is a maximum number of shifts that should be done consecutively. It differs depending on the race. This may only be ignored if there are no other mentors present to provide relief.

NOTE: It is also preferred that shifts be spread over as many days in the week as possible.

2. To help players with questions and difficulties they ask in private and location chat. It is, however, perfectly reasonable to ask a player to wait for information if you are busy, or refer him/her to another Mentor. It is also reasonable to suggest to players who habitually ask a lot of questions to try and get information from the game guides or forums before asking a Mentor directly.

3. To help maintain a safe and friendly environment within the game for all players of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and both sexes.

4. To mediate in disputes between players, where possible, and to refer relevant cases to the Guards.

5. To moderate the chat and give verbal warnings, warning gags and longer gags where appropriate when chat rules are broken.

6. To refer suspected cases of rule-breaking to the Guards .


Now, in addition to the above, Mentors have the power to moderate the Chat. What this entails, is for them to make sure that Chat Rules are not broken.

All Guards & Mentors will be following this procedure when a player (whatever the level) is not following the chat rules on a complaint:

1. Warning Gag with Explanation
2. Appropriate Gag with Explanation
3. Note if they deem necessary to bypass the 1 min warning gag when the situation calls for it. They just need to remember that they will be accountable to their action and should be ready to stand by it.
4. Complain with their explanation.

The proper procedure is to Gag first, Private message the offender with a polite but firm explanation and then Complain.

These rules only apply to complaints. If a Mentor witnesses a chat infraction while playing the game, they are obligated to handle the situation. In this instance a Mentor should NOT use the complaint feature but handle it themselves and report the gag, along with the chat log, in the appropriate thread designated by your HM. 

 Forum posts

It is helpful if Mentors make a special effort to go through the Forums answering posts where they can.

The following sections of the forum should be checked regularly:

Mentor Advice
Game Guides
Hall of Mentors
City Pub

 Training Shifts

Once you have some experience as a Mentor, you will be able to accompany trainees on training shifts. You will be informed by the Head Mentor once you are experienced enough to do this. On a training shift, you advise the trainee in private chat on how to answer questions and deal with people, and use your gagging ability if it is required. 

 Removal from the Order of Mentors

Any player can be removed from the Order of Mentors at any time by the Administration without being offered an explanation. You should ask your Head Mentor, though, if you want an answer, since it is they who call upon the Admins to remove players from the Order.

 Mentor Ranks

As you become more experienced as a Mentor, you will work your way up the Mentor ranks, which are based on your shift number and quality, and any other ways you contribute to the game. The ranks differ between the Mentors of different races and can be consulted with the Head Mentor of each of them.


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