Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Question: What is Legend: Legacy of the Dragons?
    Answer: Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is a browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). The game is set in the world of Faeo, where two races struggle for dominance, Humans and Magmars. You have to make your choice and join one of the races.


  2. Question: I have registered. What do I do now?
    Answer: Look around. Become familiar with the game functions and the user interface. Find out what your character can do. Go to your personal page and get acquainted with your character’s interface. Afterwards, speak to an NPC and start your first quest.


  3. Question: How to equip/remove items?
    Answer: To equip an item, go to the Inventory by clicking on the backpack icon in the upper bar. Then click on the tab labelled "Items", choose the item you wish to equip by moving the mouse cursor over it.


    The message "equip" appears over the item icon. Click on it. Ready! You have donned your selected piece of equipment. To remove the item, move the cursor over the icon again and click "remove".
  4. Question: How can I drop an item I no longer need?
    Answer: To drop an item, move the mouse cursor over the icon of this item and click on , afterwards confirm that you really want to permanently remove the item. 



  5. Question: How do I use the shop?
    Answer: In order to buy something you need to enter the city and click on the "shop" link.

    After this you should select the type of goods you want to acquire and the item you want to buy in particular. Click , and then "buy items". The items you have bought are now in your inventory.




  6. Question: Can I distribute my character’s stats myself?
    Answer: No, the stats are distributed automatically, depending on the race you are playing for.


  7. Question: I was defeated in combat. What can I do?
    Answer: After you’ve been killed in a battle, you are a disembodied spectre, a Ghost. As a Ghost, you cannot fight other players, you can’t move items in your inventory or use the main chat.

    The screen turns grey and a message appears, asking you whether you want to resurrect. If you confirm, you are teleported to your home city’s Temple and resurrected.

    You can also be resurrected by a character of your own people in the same location, but to perform a resurrection this character needs an Amulet of Resurrection.
    This Amulet can only be bought at the Wise Man, in the Seer Shop in the  Village of Maettro (for the Magmars) or in the Wizard's Cottage at the  Ridge of Kayar (for the Humans).


  8. Question: What affects the quantity of experience I receive?
    Answer: The damage dealt, the opponents‘ level and equipment affect the experience you receive.


  9. Question: I have reached  33,4 or 66,7% experience but I did not receive the level stage reward, what should I do?
    Answer: Fight one more battle and receive your level stage reward.


  10. Question: How can I earn money in the game?
    Answer: Participate in Battles, win fights, level up. You will receive a money reward when levelling up. Financial rewards of this kind will be issued also when you finish some quests. Additionally, if you have learned a profession, you can earn money by selling resources to other players.
  11. Question: How do I use scrolls and elixirs?
    Answer: First, put the combat scrolls and elixirs into the combat slots on the left side of the screen. Go to your rucksack and place the required scrolls into your combat slots. This action is performed similar to the equipment of items as described under 3. Move the mouse cursor over the scroll or elixir and click "equip". The maximal amount of scrolls of this type allowed to be placed in one slot will be moved to the slot. To return the items into the rucksack you have to click "remove" when moving the cursor over the item in the combat slot. Empty unfillable slots can occur if you have obtained a belt that allows you to take more equipment to combat.



  12. Question: From which level is it allowed to hunt?
    Answer: There are no level restrictions for hunting.


  13. Question: Where is the button for the Hunt mode?
    Answer: On the upper menu bar between the "Location" and the "Battles" buttons.



  14. Question: How do I attack a creature in Hunt mode?
    Answer: Select a creature on the map and double-click on it or click on the crossed swords on the left side of the Hunt Screen.



  15. Question: What does the exclamation mark next to some beings mean?
    Answer: It means this creature is involved in a battle at the moment. After a click on the exclamation mark, a new window showing the fight log appears.


  16. Question: How can I join an ongoing battle?
    Answer: By entering ongoing "current" battles or by selecting and attacking a creature of Faeo that is currently in battle via the "Hunt" screen.


  17. Question: Can the Creatures of Faeo attack me on their own?
    Answer: Yes, they can attack on their own and they can also join an ongoing battle. The attack probability depends on the aggression level of the monster in question. The aggression level is depicted in a color code from green (peaceful) up to red (aggressive).


  18. Question: How do I receive a reward for fighting a monster?
    Answer: After the battle ends, the player having dealt the most damage will receive the reward. The reward’s volume and quantity depend on the creature, the damage dealt does not affect the drop.


  19. Question: If there were several creatures, which reward can I expect?
    Answer: The more beings in a battle, the greater the reward.


  20. Question: What kinds of Battles are there?
    Answer: You can enter duels, Group battles and melees. 


    Bear in mind, that members of the opposite people are free to attack you anytime as well as you can attack them at will. To attack an enemy you should click on the "Attack" button that replaces the "private" chat button next to the player of the opposite people.


  21. Question: Are there other ways to quickly increase my wealth in the game?
    Answer: You can increase your wealth in the game using the Money Changer services in the game bank, changing the Diamonds and Rubies into Gold. You can obtain  Diamonds here Rubies can be acquired using the SMS service in the game bank.


  22. Question: From which level on can I start trading?
    Answer: You can start to trade items with other players from the 2nd level.


  23. Question: Can I use other browsers than the Internet Explorer?

    Answer:  The Developers can’t guarantee a correct performance when using other browsers.


  24. Question: I have detected an error (game bug), what can I do and will I receive any rewards if I notify the Game Administrator thereof?
    Answer: If you have detected a bug within the Game, you must report it to the game developers. No bonuses or rewards of any kind are provided for bug reporting. 


  25. Question: What consequences arise for me if I’ll exploit game bugs for material or other profit?
    Answer: Exploiting game bugs for profit is prohibited by the Game Rules. If a violation of this kind is detected, your access to the game will be canceled.


  26. Question: Am I allowed to register multiple characters to achieve material profit from powerleveling?
    Answer: No, this is prohibited by the game rules.


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