Clan Guide

For all the others out there who wish to form a clan, here are some step by step guidelines:



1. To form a clan you will need to be at least Level 3. First, the ten sponsors should each buy one Bewitched Parchment from the Wizard's Cottage in the Ridge of Kayar for the Humans, and for the Magmars, go to the Seer's Shop in the Village of Maettro.

2. Take one piece of Bewitched Parchment to the City Elder and accept quest 'Registration of a Clan'. He will take the bewitched parchment and give you one Unsigned Registration Form, which you can sign by 'using' it (find it in your Backpack > Effects and click the icon which appears in the item image's top-right corner).

Take your pieces of Bewitched Parchments to the City Elder and accept quest 'Registration of a Clan'. He will take the bewitched parchment and give you 10 Unsigned Registration Forms.

3. Get nine players to agree to sign Registration Forms. They cannot be members of a clan, and they cannot have signed a registration for within the last month. Trade them one piece of bewitched parchment each (or they could buy their own).

4. These nine players must each take their piece of Bewitched Parchment to the Elder in the City Square, and accept the quest 'Registration of a Clan'. Then they give the Bewitched Parchment to the Elder and receive one Unsigned Registration Form.

5. These people need to sign their Registration Forms by using them (go to your backpack/effects/click on top right corner of the form) and trade the resulting Signed Registration Forms to you, the Clan Leader, the person creating the clan.

6. You will then have 10 Signed Registration Forms. Go to the Clan Registrar Office and submit the application. You will also need to send a clan image 13px by 13px in gif format. Please read the next page for clan name and image Info to find out how to select a suitable image and name.

7. Press the Apply button and then wait to be accepted. It should usually take a couple of days.

8. If there is any delay in your clan being accepted feel free to contact an administrator or post in forum.

9. Once your clan is accepted, the leader will be the only member in the clan. Any new clan member must be added.

10. You must visit the Clan Registrar Office within every 30 days and pay a Clan maintenance fee of 1 gold.

11. You can add a clan charter, clan news and different ranks to your clan members

Read the next two pages about Clan Name and Image Requirements and the Clan Charter Note.


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