Cookies and Cache

Regardless of whether you are using a browser or client to travel the world Feo, for most technical problems, we recommend that you clear cookies and cache (temporary internet files).

Warning: Before performing this procedure, make sure that you have the latest version of your browser!

Google Chrome

Cleaning Cookies and Cache

1. Enter the menu "Settings and Control".
2. Select the "Settings" section.
3. Select "Show advanced settings".
4. Select the "Clear History".
5. Select the "Cleaning of all time."
6. Clean the cookie files and other data from websites and plug-ins.
7. Clear the cache.
8. Select the "Clear History".
Menu can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Internet Explorer

Cleaning Cookies and Cache

1. Enter the menu "Tools".
2. Select "Internet Options."
3. Select the "General" tab and delete files.
4. Select "cookie is data and websites", then click "delete".


Cleaning Cookies and Cache

1. Enter the setup menu.
2. Select the "Privacy and Security".
3. Select the "Clear history of visits."
4. Select the "Destroy the following elements: from the very beginning."
5. Delete cookies and other site data
6. Clear the cache

Mozilla firefox

Cleaning Cookies

1. Enter "Tools" menu.
2. Next - "Settings".
3. Tab "Privacy".
4. Bookmark «Cookies».
5. The button «Clear cookies».

Clearing the cache

1. Select "Settings".
2. Then - "Advanced".
3. Select "Network".
4. Select the "Cache Web content."
5. Click "Clear now."

Additional Solution

Follow this procedure if you still have problems with fights in game
(such as not being able to leave a fight or attack a mob etc)

1. Game Client: Log out of the game client, select error > delete obsolete files and clear cache
2. Go to Control Panel computer settings > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Delete browsing history and cookies
3. Open Internet explorer click on settings and click on delete history and temp files
4. Repeat Step 3 process for all browsers on your pc example: Chrome, firefox

Big thank you to Queen of Death who figured out the Additional Solution.


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