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are small, amusing animals that have magical abilities. They provide a knight with significant support during long battles with vicious enemies, and all that they request in return is kindness and a little treat. The pets are not large, so they can fit easily in their favorite place - their master's shoulder.


By fighting alongside their masters, the pets increase their level, receiving 10% of the experience gained by their owner in combat. But remember, this does not reduce the master's experience. When pets use their abilities in combat they expend energy, and their "Satiation" characteristic gradually falls. "Satiation" can be increased by feeding a pet. Be attentive, because a hungry animal will not help you in combat! 


There is also the possibility for your pet to rest, and after a complete rest period the pet's attributes will increase significantly for a while. You can lay your pet down to rest and wake it up at any time, but remember - an interrupted rest cycle will have no effect on the pet's abilities.

Bonna Benita  Sweet Mila

Two beautiful girls are in charge of breeding and training pets:  Sweet Mila from the Village of Kingala and  Bonna Benita from the Village of Angriyar. They have set up nurseries in which you can acquire pets.

Pet's Abilities

Power ChargeA unique spell cast by a pet, which is capable of increasing several-fold the physical and magical damage caused by its master's attack.
Life ForceA magic spell cast by a pet to increase the power of its master's next blow and increase the damage caused by the master's spells.
Wild DaringA spell cast by a pet that is capable of increasing the power of its master's subsequent attack, but for a share of the damage caused they will have to pay with their own life.
Vampire WillThe unique power of this spell, cast by a pet, is the fact that it increases its master's life by a percentage of the damage that they cause their opponent with their subsequent blow.
Curse of HarmThis magic spell, cast by a pet, forces its master's enemy to pay with part of their own life for the damage caused by their next blow.
LethargyUsing all its skill and abilities, a pet casts a spell that weakens the next physical or magical damage caused by an opponent by a percentage.
Surface WoundHaving absorbed the full power of the spell cast by the pet, its master's enemy loses some of their life for a period of time.
Healing WaveBy using its skill, a pet casts a spell that allows its master to restore some of their life for a period of time.
Damage DeflectionThis spell, cast by a pet, allows its master to deflect some of the magical or physical damage caused by their opponent, without any loss to their own health.

*You can find a list of all pets in the pet register.


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