from Level 2. No restrictions. No initiation.



Description: The archaic order of the Juggernauts is occupied with searching and killing the most dangerous monsters living in the world of Faeo. Since ancient times the hunters of the order went to the most remote and unexplored places, hoping to find a new Superbeing and to defeat it. Every kill was rewarded – the protectors of the order exchanged the resources that hunters obtained during their hunt with magic Quicksilver, which is needed for charging the Gnome Runes

Time passed and the number of hunters became less and less. The only surviving protectors of the order are Gredeya the Witch and  Brugilda the Sorceress. Since they are aware of the desperate situation of the Juggernauts they decided to open access to the knowledge and the possibilities of the order to all warriors who are capable of destroying the Superbeings of Faeo.

From now on every warrior who destroys a Superbeing and receives a unique resource can go to Gredeya the Witch and Brugilda the Sorceress in order to exchange the received item for a certain amount of Quicksilver. Every time you kill a Superbeing your Juggernaut Reputation will increase. Of course from a certain amount of Reputation you can only increase it by killing stronger Superbeings.

The amount of Reputation with the Juggernauts will influence the amount of Quicksilver you will get for each resource you exchange. The better your relation with the Juggernauts, the more profitable the exchange rate that Gredeya and Brugilda offer will be.

You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it in to the NPC which initiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 100 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restricions on getting the reputation:
For level 4: reputation can be increased up to 500 points
For level 8: reputation can be increased up to 2000 points
For level 10: reputation can be increased up to 2800 points


Exchange Rate: Resources/Quicksilver

(Limit for increasing reputation)

 Up to 500



15 20 22 22 23



31 44 45 45 45



58 84 84 86 86


21 40 62 81 83 84



51 85 121 122 124



65 130 217 310 313



68 137 228 326 329



380 945 1890 3150 4500



79 198 397 662 945

For collecting resources you need to learn from special guide books which you can find in the  Old Library or at Gredeya in the  Wild Forrest or at Brugilda in the  Village of Maettro if you have Secret Knowledge.
There also alternative resources you can exchange for Quicksilver, but they don't increase your Reputation.

Alternative Resources


Quicksilver Received



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