Ranger Reputation
Requirements for the construction of the Ranger Camp:

Can be received:
Starting from level 8

The presence of any three pets

Nursery Owner Sweet Mila / Bonna Benita

After completing the quest "Becoming a Ranger", you will receive permission to build a Ranger Camp in your estate. This building allows you to send pets to perform tasks such as the extraction of resources or useful artifacts. Each type of assignment has a special pet parameter that determines its effectiveness when performing this assignment: 
The skill level of catching fish, the skill level of extracting stones, and the skill level of cutting grass determines the effectiveness of a pet in gathering resources. The higher the parameter, the more resources a pet can get. 
Search for equipment - allows a pet to get bags of combat elixirs, long-lasting effects and chess pieces. The higher the skill, the greater the number of bags produced and the quality of items increases. 
Search for values - allows the pet to get bags of quest resources. The higher the skill, the greater the number of bags produced and the quality of the resources increases. 
Search for talismans - allows the pet to get bags of talismans. With the help of talismans you can improve the characteristics of your pets. 

Each pet belongs to one of 7 skill types. The skill type of the pet determines which tasks it can perform. 
can extract herbologist resources, search for valuables and talismans 
can extract geologist resources, valuables and talismans 
can get fisherman resources, valuables and talismans 
can get fisherman resources, equipment and talismans 
can extract geologist resources, equipment and talismans 
can extract herbologist resources, equipment and talismans 
can get valuables, equipment and talismans 
In addition, pets that have been trained can learn additional skills that are randomly selected and grant additional characteristics. Green pets can learn 1 skill, blue pets can learn 2 skills, purple and red pets can learn 3 skills. Pet color also improves the skill itself. Pets can get the following additional features: 
Attention Increases the experience that pets receive by completing quests in the Ranger Camp.
Luck Gives a chance to double the reward. 
Skill When completing the assignment, a pet, in addition to the main reward, can also get additional useful items. This feature increases the chance of receiving additional rewards. 
Caution During the assignment, each pet has the risk of injury, which temporarily makes it unavailable for use. The basic chance of getting a pet injury is quite high, but this feature allows you to reduce it, as well as slightly reduce the time of injury. 
Discipline To send a pet to perform a task requires a certain amount of pet food. In the case of resource extraction tasks, special tokens are also required. This feature allows you to reduce this price. 
Stealth Allows you to reduce the time of the task. 

It should be taken into consideration that if you send several pets to perform tasks at once their characteristics are summed up and act collectively on the entire squad. For example, if a group has a pet with the characteristic "Attention", it will increase the experience not only for itself, but also for the other pets. 
Equipping talismans and choosing the skills of pets can be done from the pet tab in your backpack. Each pet has a fixed set of talismans that it can use. At the same time, talismans must be applied in ascending order: First gray, then green, then blue, then purple and red. A pet cannot use talismans above its level. Talismans currently equipped cannot be removed, only improved. If you have a talisman suitable for a pet you will see a green arrow in the pet’s interface on the corresponding slot. Click it to put on or improve the talisman.  
- "Rested" pet does not receive any bonuses when performing tasks in the Ranger Camp
- The execution of tasks interrupts the rest.
- Pets on assignment and injured pets can not take part in battle with their owner. 
The building interface contains 3 tabs:
Search artifacts Contains slots for sending pets to search for equipment, quest resources and pet mascots. All three tasks can be performed simultaneously. The number of pets that can be sent to each of the tasks increases as the building improves. 
Resource mining Allows you to send your pets to extract resources. Any resources that you used to extract yourself are available for collection, including rare resources and resources from the enemy continent, with the exception of resources that can only be obtained from instances. Resources obtained by pets, are counted in the relevant achievements. The higher the building level, the more slots for resource extraction become available. 
Equipment Here you can destroy unnecessary talismans into fragments and create new ones from them. 
Each completed task will bring you 1 unit of Ranger Reputation. The higher the level of the ranger camp the more you can improve your reputation. 
At the end of the quest "Becoming a Ranger", you can earn extra reputation points by giving special artifacts to the Vaslav the Ranger/Hawken which can sometimes be found in bags of loot:

As the Ranger Camp improves the limit of reputation that can be earned also increases, and the amount of slots available for sending pets to tasks also increases (squad size increases for searching for artifacts, and the number of jobs for resource extraction). Please note that each level of building improvement requires that special conditions be met:
Building level Number of search slots Number of slots for resource extraction Maximum reputation Requirements for construction
1 1 0 500 Level 3 Town Hall, player level 8, own any 3 pets, complete initiation quest
2 1 1 1000 Level 4 Town Hall, Ranger Camp level 1, player level 9, own 3 pets (green or higher)
3 2 1 1500 Level 5 Town Hall, Ranger Camp level 2, player level 10, own any 6 pets, 1000 reputation
4 2 2 2000 Level 6 Town Hall, Ranger Camp level 3, player level 11, own 3 pets (blue or higher), 1000 reputation
5 3 2 2500 Ranger Camp level 4, player level 12, own any 12 pets
6 3 3 3000 Ranger Camp level 5, player level 14, own 3 pets (purple or higher), 2000 reputation

In addition to the opportunity to improve the building of the Ranger Camp, achieving certain reputation also confer the following awards:
+5% pet combat experience
+10% pet combat experience
+15% pet combat experience
+20% pet combat experience
+35% pet combat experience

Quest for medal of worship: 

Available from level 15, with 3000 Ranger reputation.

With the Rangers’ Red Medal, you can purchase Elixir of Beastly Vigor.

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