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General Information

Time and time again, ancient evil attempts to conquer our world! In an attempt to avert the end of the world of Faeo, the leaders of the cities of Dartrong and O'Delvays are prepared to reward all those who bring them important information and are able to support them in the battle against evil.


Event stage schedule
Stage Name Start Date
Seeds of Evil 14 April 2015
Evil from the Earth 22 April 2015
Menacing Symbols 28 April 2015
Bloody Sky 5 May 2015
Spawn of Chaos 7 May 2015
The Decisive Battle 14 May 2015
Rewards 15 May 2015


 The main rewards for your efforts will be in the form of unusual mounts. Not only can you get these during the event for only 50 Award Certificates, but you can also upgrade them for another 150 Award Certificates!


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