Order of the Triads
Available: from Level 16. No restrictions.
Initiates: Ulvarno.
Many years ago three Chosen ones created a secret brotherhood. The main goal of this order was to keep knowledge about the nature of triads, which sometimes became a prey for the warriors in the Meridian lands. Barachmung, Asseliander and Ulvarno spent a lot of time studying those mysterious spheres, and each of the Chosen ones devoted himself to one of the elements forming the triad, - the energy of life, death or ancient power. Later on, the sages united their foundations to a new branch of the secret sciences - the Triad Magic. Since then, many inhabitants of the Faeo have desired to gain the power on the three elements, but the Chosen ones are vigilantly protecting their doctrine from the uninitiated ones.
If you earn the trust of the ancient people, Ulvarno will accept you to the helpers of the glorious order. After that, you will get access to some of the secrets of the brotherhood and you will learn how to create powerful spells, that are inscribed on the tablets of the Chosen. Thanks to Ulvarno, you will be able to try the action of the Separatuses, that extract the particles of triads, needed for the rituals. Also you will be able to improve these magical devices with help of the special sketches.
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Enchantment of the tablets will add you strength on the battlefield, destroy your enemy with spells and disperse his magic. The more often you will be dispersing the enemys' magic, the more respect you will gain in the eyes of the order founders. According to this, Ulvarno will let you move further and further along the path of the Triad Magic!
Attention! Reputation can be obtained only when using the Secrecy of the Chosen Tablet!
Attention! The imposition of the effect is possible only under the condition, that the character is not under the effect of opposite action. For example, if the character is under positive effect, to put on the negative effect is possible only after removing the positive effect. This can be made with help of the Secrecy of the Chosen Tablet.
You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 50 reputation points.
Attention! You should complete quest  «Learning about the Order of the Triads

Reputation and rewards





0 -

250 -








We remind you, that in order to obtain the efril fragments, you will need to have Faulty Efril Crystal and Mica Mallet. With a certain probability, after using the Mica Mallet, you will get one of the efril fragments: Efril Rod, Triangular Efril Fragment, Efril Spiral, Efril Core, Circular Efril Fragment.




In order to exchange the efril fragments with another player, you can use a special device - Efril Exchange Sphere. But remember, the exchange is possible only under the condition, that each of the players have spheres with the efril fragments together with them in the backpack.

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