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The Legend of TheUnderdog

      The lives of mortals are unique in many ways, the choices they make and paths that they walk, and yet there is one inevitable constant which is true to all that call themselves alive - death. While each choice in life may lead down a different path, all roads eventually lead to the same place. But the journey does not end with death, when the inevitable time comes each must pass though the gloomy gate, entering into the kingdom of the dead where they can remain at peace. It is here that all must face TheUnderdog, loyal guard and protector of the underworld: he will admit entry to anyone, but there they must remain.

      For millennia, TheUnderdog was entrusted with the task of keeping the gates to the kingdom of the dead sealed off from its inhabitants. Endless streams of warriors, Human and Magmar alike, passed his gaze. Proud men felled by their enemies while defending their nations, all finding peace with their end. Among the warriors and those who died of more natural causes, TheUnderdog’s gaze fell increasingly more upon innocents – women and children who had found themselves caught up in the conflict – who before long, outnumbered those who died with honour. 

      Born of the same God, Vulcan, TheUnderdog could not help but to sympathise with the young and helpless Magmars who entered his gates, their faces distorted with pain and their bodies mangled with deep wounds. Tormented with feelings of injustice, TheUnderdog abandoned his post, planning to seek out the Gods and put an end to the unbearable cruelty of the world.

      During a century of wandering TheUnderdog was delighted by the beauty of the world he encountered, but it could not eclipse the bloody image of war. He saw much pain and suffering. Bound by the restrictions of his immortality, he could do nothing but watch helplessly as Humans furiously and cruelly destroyed Magmarian settlements, leaving alive neither old men nor young children. Trying to understand the reasons for these injustices, the wise keeper searched further for answers. Yet he found none, until finally it became apparent that the Gods did not intend to intervene in the warring of the mortals.

      Unable to suppress his emotions TheUnderdog took the only course of action left to him. Choosing to unite with his Magmar cousins in their struggle against oppression he focused all of his immortal power into a frenzy of anger and took the first of what would be a countless number of human lives. Binding his fate forever more to that of the Magmar race, TheUnderdog was humbled as his immortal being departed his now mortal body.

      With hot lava boiling in his veins, TheUnderdog is never at rest, always on the hunt for more scalps, though finding none worthy of keeping as a trophy. His heart filled with a thirst for justice and nothing but hate towards the inhabitants of Ogriy, he harnesses his rage while others become enslaved by it. Staying true to his cause and vowing only to bare arms on those able bodied enough to face him, only the bravest Humans dare to meet him in battle. The rest die in shame, cowering in fear among their young and frail that they know TheUnderdog refuses to harm. The whisper of his name alone has caused the evacuation of cities and the desertion of armies. The numerous feats of this warrior dare not be spoken by any Human and are chanted in verse throughout Khair, yet his story can never be fully told...


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