The Guild of Bringers of Evil awards reputation points to players of level 5 and above. There are no restrictions on earning Bringers of Evil reputation points and no initiation into the Guild is required.




What makes a Bringer of Evil? Any warrior of level 5 or above can set out on the path of evil. Fanatic will be more than pleased to help you on your way. Using his knowledge and hatred for all that lives, you will be able to prepare terrible hexes, containing evil curses.

The hexes are prepared from "dark resources" which are founts of dark and hostile energy. By creating these hexes and unleashing their destructive magic on the world, a player will perfect his Bringer of Evil skills and increase his reputation. 

Fanatic, the curator all Bringers of Evil in the world of Faeo lives in Bringers of Evil Den which you can find in the in the  Wasteland of Rest and in  Eclipse Thicket.

As soon as a Bringer of Evil's reputation is sufficient, the Guild of Thieves will take an interest and invite you to work together with them on a mutually beneficial basis. If such an alliance proves profitable, the thieves will accept you into their Guild and will even give you access to a hidden shop where they trade contraband goods.

But there are two sides to every coin. Working for the Guild will lead many characters, who used to respect you, to cease communicating with and helping you. The Elder, for example, will no longer give you his blessing, knowing what evil you are bringing to the world, and the mages will no longer sell you discounted scrolls of exorcism. But if you wish to repent your crimes, you can always beg for forgiveness for what you have done and renounce the evil by turning to its distinctive enemy – Norak the Virtuous.

Yes, every Bringer of Evil is a renegade! Yes, he is a social outcast! He is a creature despised by a society that simultaneously fears him, because every Bringer of Evil brings only disease and suffering, and only a mad man would want to make an enemy of such a person.

Creation of hexes: For every hex that you create, your reputation will increase by 10. When your reputation reaches 1000 and 2000, respectively, more powerful hexes will become accessible to you at which point the creation of the previous hexes will no longer have any effect on your reputation. If you have a Brotherhood of Virtue reputation, it will be decreased by 50 every time you create a hex.


Creation of Hexes









 - 3 pcs  - 5 pcs




 - 4 pcs  - 5 pcs




 - 5 pcs  - 5 pcs



You can also increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC, which initiates you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 60 reputation points.
Attention! There are restrictions on the reputation:
Completed quest «Bringers of Evil Initiation»



Rewards accessible in the Contraband Shop


















Protection from hexes:

To rid yourself of the curse of a hex, you can use a Scroll of Exorcism. These can be purchased from  Khorsungum the Mage or  Arnabag the Mage.




You can also protect yourself from the hexes by asking a representative of the Brotherhood of Virtue to bless you with Apotrope magic.




Aside from these methods, there are also some natural means by which you can rid yourself of a curse. The life-giving insects are the Queen Zik Firefly and Queen Krobz Bark Beetle. They are capable of dispersing the black magic of weak hexes.




Protection from ball and chains:

A feature of the ball and chains is that one Human or Magmar cannot be fettered by more than 2 at any one time.

If you are smothered in fatty salve, the ball and chain will not be effective on you for a whole hour.




To remove the ball and chain you can use the services of a Locksmith, whose toolbox should contain all the necessary tools:







Protection from Buyaka:

For a small fee the demonologists   I-Vidi and  Berrush are willing to put a curse on you that will rid you of the demon Buyaka and also protect you against his aggression for several hours.




You can only use the Brain Storm, Charlatan and Black Dragon liqueurs, if you have the corresponding level of reputation.


Teleportation Hall:




Available teleports




Wirgold Estate

Manor of Budrimakh
Free Meadows Smoky Knolls
Glade of Oblivion Mentaliya Foothills
Graves of the Poor Glade of Dreams
White Reef* White Reef*
*teleportation is available from level 11 after completing the Invincible Army quest


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