The Brotherhood of Virtue awards reputation points to players of level 5 and above, and Healers who are level 2 and above or Locksmiths of level 30 and above  with no Bringers of Evil reputation. Initiation to the Brotherhood is conducted by   Norak the Virtuous.


What makes a virtuous Brother? The Brotherhood of Virtue was founded by Brotherhood of Virtue Norak the Virtuous for the purpose of working day and night to create a kingdom of virtue and justice, a world in which all stand shoulder-to-shoulder as brothers and sisters, virtuous and wise, helping one another.

The Brotherhood has its own headquarters - the Cloister of Virtue, which you can find at the Wirgold Estate and at the Manor of Budrimakh.

The main task of the Brotherhood is the struggle with the Bringers of Evil, whose dark hearts nurture hatred and carry it in our world. To fight the fight, representatives of the Brotherhood are constantly collecting the "dark resources",


from which the Bringers create hexes to turn the lives of Faeo's inhabitants into a living hell. Having collected these resources, the servants of the Brotherhood commit them to the Sacred Fire of Purity.

The process of destroying this evil-bringing artefacts is rewarded with a defined quantity of Emanation of Good, which is used by the Brotherhood to create scrolls with the Brotherhood's Blessings: 

Creation of Scrolls









 - 70 




 - 100




 - 130


Having received one of these scrolls, a Brother must use it to help the suffering, demanding nothing in return. For every such use, the Brother's reputation in the Brotherhood will grow by 10. Once a reputation of 1000 and 2000, respectively, has been achieved, you will be able to create more effective Blessings scrolls, at which point the creation of lesser scrolls will not increase your reputation any further.

Your Brotherhood of Virtue reputation will be increased by 30 each time you increase your Healing level.

As soon as your reputation reaches the point at which every Brother can have faith in you, access will be granted to the Brotherhood's inner sanctum, the Sanctuary, in which all the secrets and mysteries of the Brotherhood are kept, among them the most powerful Blessings, the secret magic of Apotrope and even very useful soups. All these items will only help further the Brotherhood on its treacherous path of resisting universal Evil!  

You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC which intiated you to the reputation. 1 spark will give you 60 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restrictions on getting the reputation:
Completed quest «Joining the Brotherhood of Virtue»


Rewards accessible in the Sanctuary























Using Lyran's Relics applies an effect, the strength of which depends on your Healer level:



Lyran's Relics


Healer level





9 and above








So, you're sitting quietly in the tavern, having a gossip with your comrades, drinking some wine and, out of nowhere, the Great Dragon appears before you! He's chosen you for a special mission...Such things only happen to followers of the Brotherhood of Virtue Brotherhood of Virtue. The dragon is greatly concerned that the forces of Chaos have not only penetrated the lands of Faeo, but the minds of its warriors, leading to internecine strife and civil war, which only weakens the strength and unity of the army. The winged giant has decided to summon the bravest warriors and hand them a magic horn which can cut short aggression in the tanks of his own race. As you do the dragon's bidding and achieve success in the noble task he has set you, he will augment your horn's strength.


Horns of Reconciliation











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