Spirit Charmers

Available: from level 5.


Lady Cordelia in the free MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Lady Guinevere in the free MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Possessors of a priceless gift, familiar with the secrets of communicating with the souls of the dead, and granted from birth the ability to tame spirits, they belong to an ancient race dating back to times long gone, when Faeo was a completely different place. Only two family lines of Humans and Magmars have retained this unique gift of the heavens to this day, without revealing to anyone the secrets of their rituals, and passing their great knowledge from generation to generation.  Lady Guinevere and  Lady Cordelia have been marked by destiny, from the heavens they have received the ability to transform incorporeal spirits, released from mortal bodies, into ghostly forms and wraiths. These noble ladies are true representatives of the Spirit Charmers, they are highly skilled in dealing with the illusory material of spirits, and use their necromancy skills and ancient magic to perform experiments and penetrate deep into the world of the dead.

Immersed in the affairs of the underworld, Lady Guinevere and Lady Cordelia are not distracted by the affairs of this world, but for their research they require Essences of living creatures. The brave warriors of Faeo join forces in clans and do everything they can to increase their Spirit Charmer reputation and acquire a Clan Totem. It just so happens that for both to get what they desire, they need to cooperate. 

In battles with monsters, whose level is the same as the warrior that summoned help in combat, the warrior may obtain a pet Essence. This is the embodiment in ghostly form of the spirit of the small helper of the defeated enemy. If your pet has undergone special training with  Sweet Mila or  Bonna Benita, then the likelihood of receiving a large number of Essences significantly increases. 

Essence Drop
Pet LevelRegular DropAdditional drop, if you are lucky
5 Essences
6 Essences
7 Essences
8 Essences
9 Essences
10 Essences
11 Essences
12 Essences
13 Essences
14 Essences
15 Essences

So as to see and collect the ghostly pet on the battlefield you need to take the amazing Elixir of Ghostly Vision, which will give you magical sight.

After accumulating a certain number of essences, warriors can hand them in to the head of their clan, who will go to Lady Cordelia or Lady Guinevere and will increase your Spirit Charmer reputation in exchange for the ghostly incarnations of the pets. When your reputation reaches a certain level, it will be possible to acquire a special totem, which is designed to protect in combat all warriors that have found favour with the Spirit Charmers. This magical charm is able to deflect damage caused in the heat of battle for 5 moves. The strength of the Clan Totem directly depends on the number of essences handed in: the more powerful the charm, the higher the percentage of deflected damage.

It is important to remember that this reputation is only available to warriors that are in clans

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