Hunters of the Undead


The Hunters of the Undead award reputation points to players of level 3 and above. Players must first complete Shiko the Paladin's quest, Fighting the Undead.





What makes a Hunter of the Undead? Hunters of the Undead are warriors who, together with the wandering paladin, Shiko, lead the fight against the spawn of evil and darkness. Because of King Magish's cowardice and fatal mistake, a great amount of evil entered our world many centuries ago and now it threatens the very existence of Faeo. Letting himself be pushed around by the God of All the Dead and the Damned, who craves victory at any cost, King Magish condemned himself to an eternal curse and is now doomed to collect the souls of the living until the end of his days, in order to help the God of All the Dead and the Damned to plunge this world into darkness for five thousand years and to prove his power and strength to the other gods.

The battle with Magish and his minions, to whom the hand of fate dealt incarceration in the Derelict House and the Royal Palaces, is the main task of the Hunters of the Undead. 


You can also increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand in to the NPC who initiated you to the repitation. 1 spark will give you 200 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restriction on getting the reputation:
Completed quest "Fighting the Undead"
For level 3: Reputation can be increased up to 500 points
For level 5: Reputation can be increased up to 1500 points


Received Reputation




Resurrected Skeleton [3] (5 pcs per group)

Skeleton Wraith [3] (5 pcs per group)

Vampire [4] (5 pcs per group)

Revenant [4] (5 pcs per group)

(1) up tp 500

Vampire [5] (4 pcs per group)

Revenant [5] (4 pcs per group)

Phantom Corpse [3] (5 pcs per group)

(1) up to 1000

Agudar's Brother-in-Arms Wraith [6] (3 pcs per group)

Agudar the Knight Wraith [6] (3 pcs per group)

Pyromancer Wraith [6] (3 pcs per group)

Soldier Wraith [7] (3 pcs per group)
Commander Wraith [7] (3 pcs per group)

Water Mage Wraith [7] (3 pcs per group)

(1) up to 1500

Darkness Elemental Guard [8] (2 pcs per group)

Darkness Elemental Patrol [8] (2 pcs per group)

Shadow Mage Wraith [8] (2 pcs per group)

Skeleton Sentinel [9] (2 pcs per group)
Skeleton Guardsman [9] (2 pcs per group)

Necromancer Wraith [9] (2 pcs per group)

(1) up to 2000

Leader Hound Skeleton [10] (1 pc per group)

Royal Hound Skeleton[10] (1 pc per group)
Earth Mage Wraith [10] (1 pc per group)

(1) up to 2500



Magish's Minions




For killing Revrat.

(50) up to 500

For killing Galmakhar and Zermerkh.

(50) up to 1000

For killing Lingraonts

(50)up to 1500

For killing Agudar the Knight and Levreta.

(50) up to 1500

For killing Zuliman.

(50) up to 2000

For killing Magish's Bone Golem.

(50) up to 2500

For killing Fallen King Magish

(50) up to 3000


Alternative Resources





In the Derelict House.

(10) up to 1300

In the Palaces of King Magish.

(10) up to 2700








Rewards accessible in the Hunter's Repository



















You can use the keys to open the coffers found in the various caches of the Palaces of King Magish. The caches contain a variety of elixirs from the enemy's arsenal:





However, you can't use these elixirs, which are so powerful for the dead, yet so deadly for the living, straight away! You must first learn how to use them properly. To do so, you must study an ancient guidebook, which is sold in the Old Library.




Charging Necromancer's Rings

 Level  Dark Rings Light Rings


Once you have studied the book, you will possess the secret of how to use the Elxiris of the Undead and will be able to use them in battle, confident in the knowledge they will give you the edge over your opponent. 


If you have found a Necromancer's Ring, you can strengthen it. The process requires the Bone Dragon's Ashes and the corresponding shards. Dark shards charge the ring with offensive energy and light shards charge its defensive properties.

The shards you use the first time you charge the ring must come from the relevant quest. Further shards can be collected in battle with magic monsters, when using the relevant Necromancer's Amulet. The more magically powerful a monster, the more shards you will receive.

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