Abode of Eternal Ice
The labyrinth of ice caves is hidden among the snow-covered rocks of the Northern Wanderer - a mysterious iceberg that has emerged from the Eldive Sea through the magical whirlpool, protected from the meltdown by the icy current and an ancient spell.
The Abode of Eternal Ice is a real find for the supporters of the Juggernauts. After all, anyone who can enter the snow caves and defeat the terrible monsters that live there will get the valuable reward - Mercury
No true juggernaut will miss this opportunity!
Recommended level: 5 and higher

Frequency of visit: once every 5 days

Group size: 1 player

To get to the Abode of Eternal Ice you can take one of the ships departing from  Terror Wharf or  Grandfort Harbor
To enter the icy caves you need to collect the ancient crypts. Fragments of the crypts can be obtained in various events or on special sales in Premium shop or Trade Fair of Wonders and Exchange Tent in City fair.
The fragments also can be changed to the ones you need in the exchange tent in City fair at the rate of 3: 1:
Both, fragments and whole crypts can be exchanged between players or sold to each other. 
To restore a crypt and gain access to the corresponding cave of the ice labyrinth, it is necessary to collect a certain amount of fragments and put them together:
The crypts have to be learned in a certain order. Once you've applied it, you can join the instance. The learned crypts will disappear from your inventory. Each crypt will give you access to further cave in the labyrinth.
In the ice instance you also will find strange resources:
These resources can be exchanged in the Alchemist's store for various ice elixirs - from the usual elixirs of blood and life to the "Icy Power of the Dragon", which every warrior dreams of.
The more valuable the elixir, the more ice resources you will need. And even better, for the collection of ice resources you will receive achievements!
Ice Vine - my beauuuty! Ice Lily - my beauuuty! Ice Pitcher Plant - my beauuuty!
The five caves of the Abode of Eternal Ice are vigilantly guarded by their formidable hosts - mighty and ferocious yetis. The deeper you walk into the labyrinth, the more powerful the monsters are that live there. In each cave you will fight with three rivals: one mighty boss and his assistants.
The amount of Mercury which can be gained depends on your level, the power of the stricken creature and your reputation for the Juggernauts.
Monster and reward



Amount of mercury per monster*

5-6 3-36 7-91 3-41 7-96 3-46
7-8 3-39 7-98 3-44 7-103 4-49
9-10 3-42 8-105 3-47 8-110 4-53


4-56 10-140 5-63 11-147 5-70
13-14 5-67 12-168 5-76 13-176 6-84
15-16 6-84 15-210 7-95 16-221 8-105
17-18 7-98 18-245 8-110 18-257 9-123
19-20 8-112 20-280 9-126 21-294 10-140
5-6 7-100 4-50 7-105 4-55 8-109
7-8 8-108 4-54 8-113 4-59 8-118
9-10 8-116 4-58 9-121 5-63 9-126
11-12 11-154 6-77 12-161 6-84 12-168
13-14 13-185 7-92 14-193 7-101 14-202
15-16 17-231 8-116 17-242 9-126 18-252
17-18 19-270 10-135 20-282 11-147 21-294
19-20 22-308 11-154 23-322 12-168 24-336


* The amount of mercury depends on the reputation of the Juggernauts

When defeating the terrible monsters, you also will receive fragments of the Yeti baby medallion. By combining all 6 fragments, you will become the owner of a whole medallion. With this medallion you can tame this loyal pet and make it even stronger in the near future. Imagine what an excellent combat helper awaits you!

If you happen to have unnecessary fragments of a medallion, you can always exchange them in the Alchemists store to the cherished mercury. Each fragment can be exchanged for 99 mercury.
The instance is available once every five days for a single passage by warriors from the 5th level.  
Only the most daring representatives of the Order of the Juggernauts will be able to intrude the Abode of Eternal Ice and defeat its mighty bosses!
Update: December, 2020



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