What is that huge group of people in front of the laboratories of  Globius and  Avelius? Obviously our brightest heads have invented a new research objective... In a forgotten chamber of the Academy of Sciences they found the sketches and components of a machine that would supposedly break the Powers of Chaos... a machine called Biglotron!

Nobody knows now whether the inventors of the past were successful with their creation. But if you happen to have a liking for strange components, you can try your luck with it whenever you like!

In order to do this, you have to visit the inventors every day, who will gladly hand you components of this strange machine piece by piece. The device can be cranked up with a rusty tool that can be found in one of the crates.

A parchment found in the Academy archives shows that 4 different component types can be found in the crates. One component of each type is required to assemble Biglotron. But nobody knows which combination works best - you will have to find that out for yourself!




Power core



Mechanical components



Machine casing



If you are not happy with these old components, you could always try to improve them by collecting three similar grey components or two similar green components.

Or you could try and improve the quality, and thus the efficiency with the rusty tool... And even if it does not work, you will still earn a few coins by recycling the useless metal.

Although the effectiveness of the various combinations cannot be predicted, it is known that the quality of the components affects the performance of the finished Biglotron.


Furthermore, you should know that the rarer the machine is, the faster it will be producing articles. The risk of a machine catching fire is always lower, when the quality is higher. If your equipment should unfortunately happen to break, you can at least save a few parts to build a new Biglotron.

Although all the possibilities of this invention were not fully investigated and noted down, some brilliant engineers did come up with some amazing results:


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