Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes
Your goal: defeat the team of the enemy via the capture and destruction of the enemy's base.

Team size: 7 people
Description: You will be transferred to the location of Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes in a team of 7. Each of you will have to choose one character class, which you will play for. Character classes may be repeated among your team members, however we recommend to choose different classes in order to increase your chances to win.

In Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes you will have to develop chosen characters via upgrading their stats and purhcasing new items for Token of Forgotten Heroes, which you will be able to get when killing monsters inside the dungeons.

Instance is available for players of level 3 and higher.

Please see the description of the available classes of the characters with their skills and spells below.

Forest Troll


Passive skills
Troll Regeneration Troll recovers 1% of its maximum health every turn.
Tough Hide Strong skin of the troll decreases the received damage by 15%
Active Skills
Acidic Breath Reduces the target’s Durability by 40%, Protection and Agility by 45%. Lasts 4 rounds. Cannot be used more than than once every 6 rounds. Does not waste turns.
Weakness Curse Curse affects up to 5 enemies simultaneously and lasts for 4 turns. Cannot be used more than 1 time per 6 turns. Does not spend your turn.
Uncontrollable Fury Troll falls into rage and for the next 4 turns repels part of the received damage back to the enemy. Can be used no more than 1 time per 6 urns. Spends your turn.

Servant of the Brotherhood


Out of fight skills
Deliverance Thurible With the help of the ritual, during which one has to light the censer and surround the ally with its smoke, one can restore the lost connection between body and soul and get it back.
Active Skills
Healing by Light Heals 30% of HP of one target.
Mass Healing When used restores 20% of HP for you and 4 characters-allies in 40 seconds.
Purification by Light Removes all negative effects of poisonings, wounds and life losses.
Back to Life Servant of the Brotherhood can bring back to life one of the allies, but no more than 3 times per instance. Character is resurrected with 25% of HP.

Desert Scout


Out of fight skills
Lost Soul This sickness occurs when the connection between the body and the soul is lost. As a result one cannot be resurrected. Only your allies will be able to reunite your soul and body.
Active Skills
Poisoned cloud Lasts for 20 seconds and steals 1% of HP every 2 seconds. Can be used no more than 1 time per 7 turns. Doesn't spend your turn.
Shuriken of the Scout Deals instant damage of 10% from the maximum life level on the chosen enemy.



Out of fight skills
Hex of the Warlcok Hex decreases the number of tokens that can be obtained as well as your speed. Evil charms will also facilitate the development of the gangrenous wounds, which cause the loss of life energy in fights, namely: 1% of HP per 15 seconds.
Active Skills
Curse of Weakness Warlock uses dark magic and weakens the enemy. The curse affects up to 3 enemies at the same time and lasts for 5 turns. Cannot be used more than 1 time per 12 turns. Doesn't spend a turn.
Suck Life Force Warlock uses his dark skills to suck life force of his enemy. Steals 15% of HP of one target.
Steal Life Energy Warlock uses his dark skills to steal life force of his enemies. Steals 10% of HP of up to 5 enemies.



Passive skills
Drinking Spirits Necromancer gains powers from the sufferings of the enemies and instantly restores a part of lost HP by inflicting damage.
Active Skills
Draw nearer death Necromancer cries out to the dark gods in order to defeat his enemies. Steals 20% of HP of up to 5 enemies.
Convert to ashes Necromancer uses dark magic to weaken the enemy team. The curse affects up to 3 enemies at the same time and lasts for 5 turns. Cannot be used more than 1 time per 12 turns. Doesn’t spend your turn.
Resurrect the skeleton Resurrection of the undead is the favorite spell of the necromancer.



Active Skills
Healing power of woods Healing power of the woods restores 15% of HP for you and 4 of your allies within 30 seconds.
Poisonous Thorns For the next 5 turns up to 5 enemies will inflict 50% reduced damage, the chance of making a critical blow by the enemy is decreased by 50%.
Power of woods Arboslam calls for help the power of woods and empowers 4 allies with great strength for 5 turns! The power of healing effects is increased by 20%, strength of the blows is increased by 50%, the chance to make a critical blow is increased by 50%. Also the chance of making a stunning blow is increased.

Eternity Guard


Active Skills
Burst of Fury Inflicts a hail of fireballs on enemies, forcing them to lose 1% from the maximum level of life (but not more than 1% of the Guard's life) every 10 seconds for 2 minutes. Interval of use: 10 turns. Using it lose a move. Can strike up to 5 enemies at a time.
Magic Mirror For the next 3 turns Guard enchants his shield and the shields of his allies (no more than 3) with magical aura, which will repel any received damage back to the offender. Can be used: 1 time per 6 turns. Requires but doesn't spend your turn. Repels 30% of damage.
Incinerating Stare Under the scrutiny of Eternity Guard the enemy looses the will to fight; his defence and strength are weakened. Effect lasts for 25 turns and can be applied numerous times on same target. Can be used: 1 time per 7 turns. Requires and spends your turn. Each effect reduces Strength and HP by 20%.


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