My name is Liusaidh. We used to live in the Valley Of Fire. And if you are familiar with the place, we lived among the poor. But we were happy. I realize that now.

My parents loved to gamble. Each and every free day in their lives, they would spend by going to this place I hated the most. I never liked what they were doing. They would always bring me and my little brother Fang along. I saw many people participating in different events there. I saw how little kids like ourselves were left unguarded while their parents were into this gambling thing aswell. "Poor kids", I always said. I guessed we were luckier. Our parents loved us. Although I didn't like what they were doing, I still loved them.

Until they told us something that I have never really thought much about before. "We're always at war. Most of the time we're sad. We move places just to make sure everyone is safe. Making sure that you are safe. If you think dad and mom love to gamble, think again... We don't want both of you to live like us, we want a better future for you. Keeping that in our minds gives us a little hope. But there aren't many ways to achieve that. These events give us something to hold on to and allows us to smile for a day." I still remember these words.

Of all the times of the year, that month hit me the most. Ancient Zarlog Gods. They took my smile away. We were poor, but we were no cowards. Father and Mother took their swords and armor to battle them. Mortals against the ancient gods. How did the battle end?

I still remember that day when my whole family was at the fair. And then next moment it was just me on the battlefield. With my dying brother in my arms. We did win the battle, but I lost everything that day. Father and Mother died an honorable death. I can still feel their unconditional love even today. And although it's sad, painful and hard to forget, life must go on. "A smile for a day" are the words I still hold on to.

"Sheara, please let me be the joy bringer after the hardship of battles. People are my new family now. Let me bring them a smile for a day."


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