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Warriors of  Ogriy and Khair

The War Narrators bring you some exciting news about The Great Clan Wars.



In an effort to shed some light on the current status of the war we conducted a mid battle interview with the participating clans, unlike each yeah where the interview is heled at the start of the war. This way we were able to get more accurate feedback from the clans concerning the war.



Interview Questions  


  1. What has been your experience in clan wars this season?
  2. By which qualities did you choose your warlord for this years CW?
  3. Clan wars gives you the chance to see some DE and PL clans as well, what has been the most formidable Interserver opponent you faced and why?
  4. Is it hard to gather up people for Clan Wars battles?
  5. How has your clan, in general, prepared for this clan war season?



    Magmars Clans




  Magmars Guards  


  1. All is new as always:D
  2. Our leader it our warlord, and and we go after him, everything is simple!
  3. Punishers Guild, just because their more in clan than us :D
  4. Dont think so if 60+ppl in clan, for us yes, we are only 14.. but we are in silver leagua with 14 ppl :p
  5. As always, we are always ready, guards clan the best !





  The Cavalry  


  1. The experience overall has been pretty fun when we are able to have enough members on to participate, our first time as a clan really doing them so its a learning curve.
  2. We usually choose our warlord by experience and whos on at the time of the fight. Some know how clan wars work better then others.
  3. Hmm lets see our toughest fight was probably against the magmar guards for com server honestly. Hard to fight against lvl 19 and 20s lol
  4. At 22:00 game time it gets to be a little difficult to gather up people if clan wars was around 00:00 game time we would be able to have alot more members on, difficult for players in the USA and Canada to make the 22:00 time fights. We usually have a set group thats able to make it, but if people dont make it we usually dont stress it to much.
  5. After the first few fights we understood the concept and was able to be better prepared for the fights. Everyone atleast tried and went moderately blessed.



    Human Clans




  Black Listed  


  1. Time is not going good for us. First time we got in war, we had a same power opponent, but second time, we had to fight clan with almost all were level 20. Plus Thursdays are not suitable due to change in time on server.
  2. A person who can lead and have good organizing skills. We chose HeroArt for this.
  3. We had only 2 fights so far. One with The Cavalry. Another was from interserver all high lvls RAMBO-7 they overpowered us.
  4. Some clannies were excited , some forced. A Player (yepa) was recorded saying, "i lean towards forced - not made it here for but 1 time but not sure its very much 'fun"
  5. We did not get much time to prepare. We have hardly had 6 people online for wars







  1. I [- Tinus -] personal have grown a lot of levels since the last time we did CW. When you're higher level it is easier to win more. As clan we even grew closer to each other. We are a clan that have been together for years and are very good friends/family. So our experience has been well.
  2. We took our general, when we know who we face. Most of the time it was someone who is LV 16+. We got a small amount of active people and even with them we can win.
  3. We fought a few clans that in my thought had more chances to win or even were larger with higher lv. Every CW was a mind focus before the start. We told ourselves 3/5 island is enough. So with luck we won even at bigger clans.
  4. We are a family clan and as clan we decided to give a try. The players their self could choose if they want to buff or not. We do not force anyone to go. If they do not want to go it is their choice. If we lost so be it. If we won we were happy. Our intention was to gain a lot fun.
  5. The dates weren't great for most of us and it was hard to get players online. When our higher levels were online, we decided to give a try and to win.





  Fury of the Giants 


  1. Very tough because we are short on manpower.
  2. He is cunning and good fighter
  3. Yes, they are very good warriors and PL people is hardest because they out leveled us.
  4. We are excited, but many alliance people don't want to join in wars, they not want to wait above 1h for few sec to few min fight.
  5. Very weak preparation, we joined only with 2-3 days earlier.







  1. We are not prepared for the clan battles this season
  2. We participate for entertainment purposes and do not claim any.
  3. We do not see anyone as competitior
  4. Good luck everyone




Thank you to all clans who have participated in our clan interview.
And good luck to all !



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