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Style Items

The style armor serves to give the appearance of combat armor, all the character to look more harmoniously, and also hide the real of combat armor, disconcerting the enemy in battle. Such armor does not give characteristic advantages to the players. They can be obtained through Events or in the premium shop located inside the bank. And also, the Wedding style suits are located in the shops in the Wedding Palace on  Daylight Square and  Fire Square.

List of Sets
Carved Pumpkin-bone   Blue Velvet
Green Velvet Red Velvet
Steadfastness Wedding
Ecstasy Deviation
Stability Predator of the Depths
Master of Gloom Invincible Stronghold
Stell Armor   Polished Armor
Burnished Armor   Vestments of the Restless
Rage of Heavens   Silver Dragon
Savage Power   King of the Jungle


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