Previous  Superbeings 


Balthazar [3]



Balthazar's Ring


Wolfer [4]



A Relict Fossil
Wolfer Talon




Kretch Butcher [5]


A Relict Fossil

Almighty Titan Ring
Irrepressible Avenger Ring
Merciless Chastener Ring
Great Titan Ring
Treacherous Butcher Ring
Treacherous Butcher Amulet
Heartless Butcher Ring
Heartless Butcher Amulet
Bloody Butcher Ring
Bloody Butcher Amulet

Harcide [5]



A Relict Fossil
Harcide Stinger


Gurraldiy Korr [6]



A Relict Fossil
Gurraldiy Korr Slime



Cerberus [7]



A Relict Fossil
Cerberus Tongue


Gorbakh Skeleton [8]

A Relict Fossil

Left Part of the Medallion of Gorbakh



Bog Elf [9]

A Relict Fossil

Swamp Heart Flower





Spider Patriarch [10]

A Relict Fossil





Emperor Scorpion [11]

A Relict Fossil
Ring of Hidden Anger
Ring of Hidden Fortune
Ring of Weak Barrier
Amulet of Weak Reflection
Amulet of Hidden Anger
Amulet of Hidden Fortune
Ring of Reflection
Ring of Anger
Ring of Fortune
Amulet of Reflection
Amulet of Anger
Amulet of Fortune
Emperor Scorpion Bile





UyarrMO Exile [12]

UyarrMO Helmet
UyarrMO Pauldrons
UyarrMO Sword

Head of UyarrMO Exile


Chaos Elixir of Htaed Nogard (3 pcs)




Uborg [13]

Relic Fossil 100%

Malachite Chess Pieces

Obsidian Chess Pieces

Rosewood Chess Pieces

Golden Chess Pieces

Dugrkharg Ivory Chess Pieces




Bone Dragon [14] (72 hours)

Ring of Irrepressible Anger

Ring of Intense Reflection

Ring of Great Fortune

Bone Dragon's Ashes





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