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The Legend of Red Wings
  How many rises of the Mirrow has gone since the beginning of times — nobody knows... But they always were, and they always will be: the implacable Great Dragons, endless battles, victories and defeats, valor and virtue, the RW clan. It is said, that even since the olden days, RW clan does not mentor or sponsor their brethren. It gives you the choice, opens the doors to knowledge that your true power is infinite. Magic and secrets that were passed from generation to generation are the only things that matter. RW warriors carry their secrets in their hearts, filled with passion and bloodlust. Striagorn does not allow this flame to dwindle in the souls of his warriors, he fills their whole existence with love to blood and batlles. The dragon's flaming breath brand their hearts with the sacral emblem — 'RW'. Just like this, once they've stood shoulder to shoulder in battle, they couldn't leave anymore, not without knowing the secret... the secret of power and greatness. When the plateau is red with blood, when battlefields are paved with bones of their enemies, even then that thirst for battles does not leave the hearts of RW warriors. No rest for the wicked... Only the passion, only the blood of their enemies, only the thrill of battle can bring peace to their souls... but not for long!  

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